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Its almost as if the lefties think this will do any good. Kavanaugh is as good as confirmed. Whats good for the goose……………….thank Dirty Harry Reid for that little piece of legislation. As per usual your basic liberal retard can't think 5 minutes ahead. Nuclear option indeed…….

Simply put, the “nuclear option” is a permanent change to the Senate rules that allows for a simple majority of 51 votes to be required for confirmation instead of 60, the supermajority typically needed to pass legislation.

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It sounds like tax evasion. Hopefully they filled out an i-9 before accepting a job in cash.

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Nah man, it's a charitable donation into community development!

It's for charity, goy! Believe me!

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I was under the impression that disrupting a Congressional hearing was a misdemeanor. Conspiring to commit a misdemeanor is a felony. Taking money to commit a felony is another felony. Am I wrong?

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Haha. Are they working for us or are they really that stupid.

They were nothing but hysterical, foul mouthed pigs. There can't be enough unmedicated schizophrenics in the country to keep supporting them.

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Problem is that the protests barely get any airplay on the left MSM. So the "reasonable" lefties never see it to get annoyed. But, the extreme wing gets to watch and box the clown to it online.

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Um wouldn't that guy be a perfect target to get robbed??? Literal bag of cash....

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Who is the guy with the cash?

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So, if you're at a protest and you mug this guy would that mean:

  1. It would go unreported because who carries $10,000 in a brown envelope
  2. Nobody would counter protest because there's not profit in it for them
  3. You'd be +$10,000 up?

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You just have to get to him first. Good luck!

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Look at that fucking semite.

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