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That got a pass but hiring Kapernick was the thing that did it.

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Corporations have done a brilliant move. They have taken far-left people who are more likely to do the occupy wallstreet stuff, and then throw them a bone about how great social issues are and then weaponize them. And the progressives don't even realize they are being manipulated by one of those evil corporations they hate so much. Kudos nike

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I think it's even more simplistic than that. They are baiting both sides to manipulate the stock market. The new way to fuck with the middle. Mess with their requirement and investments.

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Not like the outsourcing to honduras was well publicised. Who the fk has the time to keep track of a zillion companies and deep state bull shit all at the same time. Honduras has over 500 000 abandoned children, of which half will not live to see their 15th birthday. Child labor everywhere. Most hondurans live off 1$ a day.

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lets not forget the branded hijab

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Which goes to show you just how fucking retarded it is for these mega huge corporations to put the spot light on themselves by virtue signaling....

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"Believe in profiting. Even if it means outsourcing everything."

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this is where the law about doing what's in the best interest of shareholders above all else needs to go.

Either stop buying from anything that isn't privately held, or else campaign to write a clause into that law that specifically states money isn't always the highest interest. Oops can't do that. Christian ethics versus jew and atheist.

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I disagree. It's the shareholders' own property that's at stake. If they value short-term cost-cutting and anti-white marketing over long-term quality and political stability -- which has been amply demonstrated at this very company over the last two decades -- then let them have it.

The idea that profit from societal degeneracy should somehow be banned, yet we can't stem the tide of degeneracy itself, is absurd.

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theres only one way to force companies to not chase shekels via law: national socialism

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simply invest in the knockoffs directly from China, if you want that style, they are the same quality, and as someone said just put an x over the logo...

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Nike has 1,023,020 workers. Guess how many in USA? 5505. Fuck em.

VIETNAM 409491


CHINA 161760


INDIA 32529




BRAZIL 18095


MEXICO 14624





USA 5505

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If foreign-made shoes are available, American-made shoes wouldn't sell. People are typically very price-conscious, and few Americans want to work in a factory for $2 per hour. (wage estimated)

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New balance has proven that that's not the case. Basically Nike does this to maximize profits, they are a corporation, that is what theycdo. New balance also gets a lot of gov cheese for being made in America though

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New Balance for example has shoes 75% or > made in the USA starting at around $150-175.

Out of price range for many, but I'll be purchasing New Balance, and perhaps Brooks or Saucony for running. ASICS are a Japanese owned company, not sure where they are made.

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In reality, the problem is that all shoe brands have gone through periods of utter shoddy craftsmanship, which shakes customers out of local maxima and induces them to buy cheaper shit of the same quality until prices change. Red Wing is the perfect example. Wait a decade and you'll pay twice as much for the same shit you could have found a Walmart for half as much a few years ago.

The products are all garbage. It doesn't matter who makes it, because the markets are (were) growing fast enough that reputation doesn't matter in the least.

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I deleted my account like a week ago, but this shit made me re-register. Fuck them.

For those that don't know, Nike utilizes a contractor workforce locally in Portland OR. You work for 1 year and you're out. If you don't fit into their attitude of fucking everyone over - even other employees, you don't make the cut and you're gone in a year or less. You pretty much need to be a type-A shithead to work there and it shows.

I had full paragraph of stuff written but edited it to this: I know of people that work and have worked for Nike. NONE are the people I would call friends, acquaintances or would want to be around in ANY type of setting. That, and some of them can't even speak English very well.

Nike is known as a shitty place to work in Portland. Everyone that has lived here longer than 2 years knows not to apply there. There's a reason they have had positions open for years and can't fill them. There are a few other companies but this is a smaller metro area with a few huge providers that we know to stay away from. Nike is at the top 3 or so.

Would I want Nike on my resume for my career? NOPE - don't fucking care. I'm not going to deal with the bullshit, the stress, the politics and the back stabbing their culture causes. The deal they just made with whats his nuts completely shows the type of company they are - COMPLETELY.

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Sounds like our Casino corps. Same beast.

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Nike is in business to make money. Period. Realize that from the get-go. Also realize that Blacks make up a sizeable percentage of Nike's customer base when it comes to athletic shoes. Much of Nike's footwear product line consists of garishly fluorescent color shoes with puffy sides and thick bumpy soles. Completely tacky, the kind of shoes that Circus Clowns used to wear 40 Years ago. Getting the bigger picture yet? Here it is, Nike makes shoes and clothing that appeals to Blacks and ghetto culture, as do one or two other manufacturers. Now they score Colin Kapernick to become their spokesman! Mr "BLM - NFL Kneeler" himself! That's it guys. Nike caters to niggers just like McDonalds. It's so obvious. What to do? easy! Don't buy Nike products.

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These people stand for nothing. They just want niggers buying their shoes.

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Niggers don't buy shit. So I imagine there's a thriving insurance premium life-cycle meets cultural promotion economy at work here. They steal them, insurance premiums cover the losses. Niggers promote the shit out of the brand. Stupid whitey buys Nike because it's all over SM, MTV or whatever where Nigger bullshit is prioritized.

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Support globalists, you support no jobs for Americans. Fucking leftist narcissists. They really think it's all about them and their tolerance bullshit.

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Support globalists, you support no jobs for Americans.

How does that fit with the hard-on Voat has for Trump, and most of his brands being produced oversea?

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Have you ever started and run a business? There's little choice. He's bringing back that choice so you can start a business without having to go to China.

Do you think you should have to go through China? Does that sound right to you? Just because Trump uses China manufacturing? He has to. He wants those jobs here. You don't because Trump blah blah blah?

but trump has a bigger piece of cake, that makes him a bad person and I don't like him

That's the weird thinking that leads people to figure out in their heads that other white people besides them owe none whites something. Keeping score tit for tat and wanting vengeance for percieved slights is not logical.

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Govt could subsidize the middle class if they aren't wasting so much money on foreign wars, foreign aids, prison budget, welfare for illegals, and socjus policies.

Singapore has no natural resources, small as fuck, but rich as fuck, despite being extremely populist with a fuckton of subsidies. That's because they are not wasting much money on useless garbage like all these globalist cultural marxist nations. Oh and should I mention that Singapore has a lot of muslims and their figure head president is muslim? They just don't give much handouts, encorage jobless welfre dependents, or encourage crime (they still have caning and hanging). It's not miracle, muslims are easy to handle with proper right-wing governance. Progressive social democrat ideologies are actually the bigger problem in Europe.

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Honduras? Why? I mean, Honduras with all the violence? Really? They should move to a large black community instead. Aren't they their biggest customers? It would be great for PR. Well, maybe not, those niggers would buy Jordan's even if they said MLK was a child molester. The only thing that can make them lose black customers is if they were to say white people are not the devil.

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