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Yeah, but that is the problem here. By accepting the concepts and social constructs that are used to justify Transsexuals, they are contradicting themselves in the end game.

Them going so far to classify it as a mental illness does not address the multiple causes that need to be taken into account. Its not a mental illness, it is something far worse, GBL is a mental illness that needs to be contended with but Transsexualism is pure unfettered animalism. Its like saying Bestilaity is a mental illness, no its a mentally warped state of mind that leads to it. Calling it a mental illness allows them to normalize it. This person probably dropped out of the ambulance because they were so much in a state of distress from the hormones that they were calling them back in to get more hormones and force the "mental illness" to a new stage.

The people that run our psychiatric community are real sick bastards. The psychologists just legitimize them to be honest. The medical community should not involve itself in providing any assistance to these people, because it only worsens their state of mind.

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New Title for OP:

Tranny gets planted by transportation while transported.

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Evolution in action. It gets an award. A Darwin award.

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I love how the cop being interviewed is smiling when they asked him questions regarding the hospital. It's like he wants to say, "We did our job, they're the ones who screwed up and got the kook killed." Either way, this got xposted to v/gaynews

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It's not a woman.

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Makes you wonder what percentage of white suicides are due to the way the liberal left fucks with the minds of people through the media propaganda. They keep telling girls they should be boys, and telling boys they should be girls. Think about that. Why would they do that? It's so obviously ass backwards and ridiculous, yet that is their message. The answer is, they are attempting to destroy white Christian culture and white Christian moral values. The real goal of the liberal message is purely destructive.

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Dipshits who think trivial shit like their gender identification is an earthshattering issue are just like niggers and feminists. TOTALLY self ABSORBED and FAR too optimistic about their VALUE on Earth.

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They want it to become an illegal act to call them by their birth gender. The narcissism is staggering.

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Smashes into a bunch of cars almost kills a pedestrian (I don't care what you say hitting a pedestrian with a car should be atemped murder) then jumps out so a complete stranger going home from work (I assume) kills this fag now they have to deal with that and getting a new car. All because muh front hole.

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