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Paid agitators. This is the moral, ethical and intellectual level the DNC and their running dogs operate at. It also perfectly displays DNC levels of integrity, dignity and credibility. Nothing new or different here.

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I don't doubt the 3 men. But what kind of fucked up asshole would pay someone to get into the congressional chambers and be disruptive to the point of being arrested? This needs to be investigated.

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what kind of fucked up asshole would pay someone to get into the congressional chambers and be disruptive to the point of being arrested?

Soros, Clinton, 0bama and any other degenerate Libtard with enough of other peoples money

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After all the other fuckery that has gone on they probably thought the worst results they faced was being removed from the room.

If any of them actually ends up suffering consequences for their actions paying people to do this shit might become more difficult.

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This should be illegal.

The people with the money should be hauled of to jail for instigating violence in a court room.

Fucking scum.

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That is all they have to offer. There lobbiers are not even aiding their cause. America is relatively safe right now. I just don't get permissive and flip the switch enough to the left where it opens up channels for the left to infilitrate the system in a hardcore manner.

I think the left wants to wait it out and try to put pressures from within the system and I don't know how much they can get their common base to rise up for them.

The consumerist society keeps them pacified. I think also the forces in the Deep State are trying to work it from the top still. A War with Syria is not even going to blow things open to be honest.

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Here is some money. go to the 25th floor of that tower over there climb inside this splatter proof body bag and JUMP THE FUCK OFF. dumb liberal asshole. ps the money will pay for clean up of toxic waste.

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Not an awful lot of evidence there for the voracity of the claim. I don't doubt it has happened but the article doesn't make a sufficient case.

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You are such a faggot.

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Totally. People that aren't faggots believe everything they are told without evidence. You sure you aren't a democrat? For instance there is no Dr. Tom Schlueter in Texas. Just one in WI. There is a doctor of the same last name but Jeffery in Texas. There is no Dr Burton Purvis turning up at all much less in Texas. Chris Dundas seems to be the only name that turns up a doctor even in Texas. He is a pediatric doctor.