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Back in 1922 the (((Federal Reserve System))) struck a deal with China called the China Trade Act to harbor a surplus of Chinese gold at the FRBank of NY. The FRSystem was in its initial 20 year charter starting in 1913. The US was still on a silver standard as a domestic money, but the world standard was gold. The FRS needed the gold to manipulate the silver certificates and convince everyone that a gold backed FRNote was the only way to stabilize the economy. Mao made the deposit in 1928. In 1929 the Great Depression took place and effectively fooled the country into accepting the FRSystem for the long term. This took place in 1933 at the renewal of the original 20 year charter.

The FRS never kept their end of the bargain, which was to pay China an interest for using their gold. I read somewhere that around 2008-09, the FRS struck a new deal with China; to cut them in on the scheme. (((They))) supposedly set up shop in China and are onto their next victims. These events do seem to corroborate that idea, because it has the tainted fingerprints of past schemes. Everything from the financial sector trying to presume that land and real estate are the same thing, the presumption that the bank owns anything, and the redefining of terms and words through “color” to make a certain thing read one way, but mean something entirely different (when you take the time to find the definitions).