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Excellent! The planned takeover of Africa by China proceeds apace!

Apartheid 2.0 here we come! New and improved - now with more racism!

Serously - here's what will happen

Kill the farmers



China rolls in.

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and the chinese are wicked racist on blacks compared to the rest of the world so there will be a lot of dead black people very soon but the leader of the country only likes one color and that is green so he could care less what the chinese do as long as he has his money. I guess if you pay them enough black people could care less about anything because they live for money and sex and that is it.

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Nature finds a way to cure itself of the disease.

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wait till they try and rise up against the chi-comms, talk about a movie worth watching

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Can someone photoshop or find a picture of a black Chinese person?

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If everyone wasn’t an idiot we would be unanimous in stating that ‘blacks’ is a misnomer to disguise the fact that they are subsaharran cannibals... categorize these creatures correctly please... then it would be easy to dismiss the asshats who claim Chinese are subsaharran cannibals, as obviously they aren’t.

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