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Because the banks would be caught holding the defaulted properties (as in all historical contexts), and because the root design is to steal land from whites including land bought RECENTLY under Black Rule, but NOT collapses the banks into default....

to ensure the stolen land can be resold to other buyers for cash , and Whites and Jews not possible buyers now.... that leaves Chinese.

In past land handouts... the blacks quickly resold the small farms for cash.

no black wants to run a high tech agribusiness

neither does the south african gov..... they want the mineral income and the properties to sieze are found under the dots on this MINERAL MAP here :

Correlate that map of known mineral deposits with the list of the "first 200 farms" to be stolen.

They line up eerily.


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Jews better watch out it looks like chinese can out jew the jews


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The Chinese are probably the worst, they'll build bridges which collapse 24 hour later. How fucking cheap can these people be?


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Chinese are the jews of asia, ask any asian.


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I have been searching for the image of this comparison for a whioe now, anyone have a copy?