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Because the banks would be caught holding the defaulted properties (as in all historical contexts), and because the root design is to steal land from whites including land bought RECENTLY under Black Rule, but NOT collapses the banks into default....

to ensure the stolen land can be resold to other buyers for cash , and Whites and Jews not possible buyers now.... that leaves Chinese.

In past land handouts... the blacks quickly resold the small farms for cash.

no black wants to run a high tech agribusiness

neither does the south african gov..... they want the mineral income and the properties to sieze are found under the dots on this MINERAL MAP here :


Correlate that map of known mineral deposits with the list of the "first 200 farms" to be stolen.

They line up eerily.

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Jews better watch out it looks like chinese can out jew the jews

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The Chinese are probably the worst, they'll build bridges which collapse 24 hour later. How fucking cheap can these people be?

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Chinese are the jews of asia, ask any asian.

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I have been searching for the image of this comparison for a whioe now, anyone have a copy?

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Shit man, thought this just happened. Article is from 2008. This has been in the works for a while I guess...

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The new aspect is that in the last couple weeks the list of the first 195 properties to be seized by the communist government for "eminent domain' and for 'fairness redistribution' just so happens to shockingly be 195 properties atop unmined mineral types the chinese have been developing.

A leaked list of 195 farms was distributed among the whites, and the Z.A. gov DENOUNCED the leaked list of 195.... then magically the first two properties to be seized were indeed AT THE TOP OF THE LIST of 195 !


Hah! the list is accurate so far... and so is the fact that the chinese are the main interested parties with money to pay the Z.A gov.

And the 195 are either on mineral deposits the Chinese want... or hold rhinos on private zoo preserves (that everyone wants to kill to sell to asians).

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This is why Asians need to know that ground up nigger cures erectile disfunction.

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Back in 1922 the (((Federal Reserve System))) struck a deal with China called the China Trade Act to harbor a surplus of Chinese gold at the FRBank of NY. The FRSystem was in its initial 20 year charter starting in 1913. The US was still on a silver standard as a domestic money, but the world standard was gold. The FRS needed the gold to manipulate the silver certificates and convince everyone that a gold backed FRNote was the only way to stabilize the economy. Mao made the deposit in 1928. In 1929 the Great Depression took place and effectively fooled the country into accepting the FRSystem for the long term. This took place in 1933 at the renewal of the original 20 year charter.

The FRS never kept their end of the bargain, which was to pay China an interest for using their gold. I read somewhere that around 2008-09, the FRS struck a new deal with China; to cut them in on the scheme. (((They))) supposedly set up shop in China and are onto their next victims. These events do seem to corroborate that idea, because it has the tainted fingerprints of past schemes. Everything from the financial sector trying to presume that land and real estate are the same thing, the presumption that the bank owns anything, and the redefining of terms and words through “color” to make a certain thing read one way, but mean something entirely different (when you take the time to find the definitions).

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I really want to know what these white South African people were thinking was going to happen when they become the minority and no longer in power. I wonder if they ask themselves if it was worth letting in all these animals for some cheap labor.

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And the 195 are either on mineral deposits the Chinese want... or hold rhinos on private zoo preserves (that everyone wants to kill to sell to asians).

Source? Also, why would the chinese government destroy rhino horns and persecute smugglers and then start rhino farms for horns...?

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Excellent! The planned takeover of Africa by China proceeds apace!

Apartheid 2.0 here we come! New and improved - now with more racism!

Serously - here's what will happen

Kill the farmers



China rolls in.

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and the chinese are wicked racist on blacks compared to the rest of the world so there will be a lot of dead black people very soon but the leader of the country only likes one color and that is green so he could care less what the chinese do as long as he has his money. I guess if you pay them enough black people could care less about anything because they live for money and sex and that is it.

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Nature finds a way to cure itself of the disease.

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wait till they try and rise up against the chi-comms, talk about a movie worth watching

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Can someone photoshop or find a picture of a black Chinese person?

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If everyone wasn’t an idiot we would be unanimous in stating that ‘blacks’ is a misnomer to disguise the fact that they are subsaharran cannibals... categorize these creatures correctly please... then it would be easy to dismiss the asshats who claim Chinese are subsaharran cannibals, as obviously they aren’t.

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We wuz Sun Tzu

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Have you read The Art of War? It's very insightful!

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I thought it was rather silly. Tell me something insightful it said outside of this general theme: "expect the unexpected; do the unexpected." I really felt like I was reading the same thing over and over, just phrased in a different way. "Look weak when you are strong; look strong when you are weak!" Yeah, okay, got it.

E: In addition, it seem to me a treatise on how to live a miserable life. "Trust no one. Your enemies are your enemies. Your friends are your enemies as well!"

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Oh yes we brack nao, We rove hippity hoppity music, skeet skeet bang bang my ninja.

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The association said their members often failed to qualify for business contracts and job promotions because they were regarded as whites.

That's weird, I was told there was no discrimination against whites in South Africa.

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I don't trust chinks. The Japanese are the only Asians I can tolerate.

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West Point has known about this since the mid 90s when China and Exxon paid local gangs to start clearing the way. Was part of their training exercises.

Clinton orchestrated and supported it.

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