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What in the world do they have on Merkel that she can't admit to the problems she's created?

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Implying shes a hostage of some sort ?

Lol she shares the kikes beliefs, she has no kids, this is the price of power.

[–] Whentruthscollide 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

A chancellor of Germany who purposely or unwittingly and as fact caused a perfect storm leading to nazi sentiment in some and nationalistic tendency in others with some who just struggle to adjust along with the refugees and economic migrants,alas old ground being walked upon once more. Her clear lack of consultation with the the 28 at the time and its people has become Toxic,with the lack of organisation of the millions who arrived,folks drowning in their thousands,people trafficking the slave trade muder rape robbery exploitation,she really has ticked all the boxes for the so called right to rise again.but do know this nobody will be as pure as a nazi regime child nobody,if things do change,wanna be fascist need not apply.a nation genetically modified, with some who just might become the hidden jewels of a lost regime and the real ones to be primed awoken.

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Her actions are creating the next, less compassionate, Hitler.

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Current events show very clearly that the Nazi Party didn't just rise from nothing, or from some vague hatred of the Jews -- it was a defensive response of the German people, in reaction to the rising power of the left. The Nazis came into being to stop the communists. We have an analogous situation in our own time -- a strongly right-wing sentiment has arisen in reaction to the oppression and madness of the liberal left. It would not be at all surprising to see it coalesce into a coherent political movement.

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I call her a traitor.

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Wow... she threw a whole load of down to earth family types into this label... this will not go well.

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She could have asked the DNC how well that strategy works out.

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Yes, she should have called them deplorables.

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In her worldview, which is black and white, there are nazis and communists. The latter being the 'good' ones.

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"Merkel tells the rest of Germany that better side with her or else she'll call them Nazis too."

That's how abusive families operate. One kid is picked on and as a matter of natural self protection, the other kids side with parents.

That's how you end up with people like Joan Crawford's kids saying Christine Crawford was a liar when she wrote Mommy Dearest. They believed she was. They probably also believed she was always a problem, like Nazis in Chemnitz.

The Alinsky retards are overestimating their ability to be seen as a parent figure, or people's need to belong to their group.

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And most Germans would vote her in again and again and again.

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There is nothing worse for a German than being called a "Nazi" closely followed by "racist".. they will (almost)all willingly jump off a cliff to avoid such labels

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Not the really older ones that ate dirt to avoid starvation...they probably don't care

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When will Germans wake up and vote her out? Probably never. Their country is now one large GULAG.

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Oooh, that "Nazi" word. How the Jews and their pets love to throw it at their critics.

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I hope they hang her by piano wire someday.

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