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It's overpriced. I never buy or wear anything with a fancy label. I'm not going to wear a sandwich board for some multinational company to advertise their products. If I notice the label on my clothing, it's too damn big.

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But then you've never been cool yeah?

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Remember when idiots were sawing their guns in half to protest the 2nd amendment? Now a fresh crop of virtue signalling dickheads makes their foul presence known.

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Yeah absolutely hypocritical to post that on twitster or whichever but glad they're doing it.

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The best way to hurt the company, is to sell your Nike gear. Then people who want it, will be paying you for it, instead of buying new stuff from Nike. THAT is how you hurt them, not by burning something you already paid for.

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Finally someone makes a post about who Nike endorsed. Had to go to DDG to find out about the endorsement details.

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NKE is down 3% this morning.

Just sell a good product. Leave out the white guilt.

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I have some Nike Running tops and though I will never buy from Nike again, I won't be burning my gear that I already paid for. It doesn't hurt Nike to have stuff that people already bought burned, especially if those same people run out and buy more gear in a few month when they have "forgotten" about their boycott. Also bear in mind Nike owns Converse, so if you replace your gear with Converse you are just adding to Nike's profits.

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I would join in if I had a single piece of Nike crap

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Since when did the American Flag and the National Anthem become offensive?

Since the Iranian Revolution. Burning the US flag in Iran is a deliberate insult. Disrespecting it in the USA is just rude and stupid.

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