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Women have been royally fucked over by the leftist liberals who run the media and the fashion business. They've been sold a bunch of lies, and they believe them, and it destroys their chance for happiness. They've been told to act like men, to not get married until they are in their 30s, to fuck around with everything on two or four legs like Mexican whores, to use foul language, to tattoo their bodies, to dress like tramps, to dye their hair green or shave it off, to get pieces of metal through their ears, nose and tongue, to have complete and utter contempt for all men. And the fools believe all this nonsense, follow it, and end up bitter, unhappy and alone at age 40.

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What I see that's so sad is so many of these leftover women putting their maternal instincts at work caring for cats or retarded little dogs. They describe themselves as "dog moms" or something else equally pathetic.

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It's worse than that. Within 10-20 more years the West could resemble Germany right now, with single mothers taking in "refugees" and sheltering them to save them from the evil white man, even if it means that they rape & abuse them & their own daughter, even let them kill their own offspring.

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This is such a cruel & over used insult.

Did you know that a STAGGERING lot of us are actually involuntarily infertile because of the metabolic diseases we've been given by our childhood's full of sugar & chemicals??

I am the oldest daughter of a very large family. Being a "great mom" was literally my only ambition when I was growing up. I read parenting books for FUN as a teenager. Now I spend my days growing most of the organic vegetables we eat for my little family of two. I spent two decades grieving the children I desperately wanted but would never have. I poured that love into my dogs and cats because caring for the damaged & often violent kids in the foster care system who are most likely doomed to be returned to their shitty parents by the corrupt and incompetent court system was/is more than our heart can take.

But women like me are worse than worthless, aren't we? Being kind to animals to fulfill a void we wouldn't have if we were just decent women like God intended really makes us pathetic, doesn't it?

Is it really an offense worth the never-ending scorn we get from people like you from all angles though? We overhear these sentiments at work, can't escape it at church, run into it endlessly on this internet... It's like we aren't even considered women by half the world, including our own parents that fed us the shit that caused these health problems. Sometimes, the only way to cope is to try to embrace the freedom that comes from being childless, because spending an entire lifetime in grief is a waste, but that tactic never really works, because it'll be less than a week before we encounter another comment like yours, reminding us of how truly contemptible our existence is.

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Further to that. The tattoos are there to warn potential mates that their view of men is skewed to a dangerous and unhealthy level of false reality.

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dating is a joke these women are retarded. 20 of them talking for an hour cant even figure out what they are doing wrong.
Not a single articulate, man in the top 15% is going to put up with any of your shit for a long time in some cases ever. Youre going to have to be nice and submissive for a stretch of years potentially and choose your battles. They can set boundaries for sex and monogamy thats really it most of them cant even handle that. They been told they get what they are strong powerful blah blah blah so it gives them an excuse to be a bitch when shit doesnt go their ways. Just because someone tells you they wont fuck anyone or pursue anyone while your dating doesnt mean they are going to take shit from you. And even if they run into someone like me who isnt entirely fully shit or looking to abuse someone i am trying to get laid and looking for reasons to leave at all times.

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And yet those sites are loaded with fat, 30+ y/o women who have hit the wall hard and still expect a tall, athletic man who makes six figures. Oh, and said women have no fucking hobbies or interests, no skills, and work a shit job. They "like to have fun" and their kid "is their world." They are all the same -- like they are produced on an assembly line. It's sad and comical at the same time.

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And they think they are so unique. Here in northern ontario the most common sentence to read is "i'm not your average girl, i like to go out and play in the mud"

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"i'm not your average girl, i like to go out and play in the mud"

But they are and they don't. They never do anything except watch TV or hang out with friends. Like every other generic, boring woman who thinks she's a hot as shit princess. When I was dating I would search for women with active interests like hiking or running. I'd see results like "I love the outdoors and I'm always out camping and hiking!" Ask them what their favorite hiking trail is though and the response is usually something like, "lol I dunno I haven't been out in a while." And by "a while" they mean never.

Online dating is a giant pool of liars and narcissists.

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“i'm not your average girl, i like to go out and ~~play in the mud~~ TRAVEL

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Don't forget the student debt, lawyer debt, car debt, possibly home debt, and various other fines and fees. And that they will constantly demand that you not only pay all that shit off, you must also spend 110% of your income feeding/clothing/entertaining their ever-widening asses.

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I loved all the self indignant posts by bitches that were in their thirties saying they are more desirable now when nothing was particularly better other than they had a little money now

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I can hardly believe I'm saying it, but fuck society for that. If I was conditioned for 20 years with everyone everywhere always telling me that women would love me if I did handstands and smeared shit on my face then maybe I would do it too. These girls have had a lifetime of lies from cowards, deceivers, and fools, conned into believing that happiness lies in an office cubicle and 80 hour working weeks, that Prince Charming will bend the knee when she's 37 with debt from a couple worthless degrees. So many fucking lies.

Their families have been torn apart so daddy isn't there to tell her how it really is or he's a spineless cuck who pretends to enjoy his daughter's 'empowerment', mummy has lucked into a matriarchy and lacks the awareness or integrity to throw a spanner in the cogs of that gravy train. News, teachers, movies, social media, etc bombarding them with the bullshit that they can have it all. They can't. None of us can.

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when nothing was particularly better other than they had a little money now

I can say with knowledge that this is bullshit. Your average single woman in their thirties has shit credit. So marrying one of them WILL fuck your credit score. CreditKarma got into trouble with this when they did a commercial for it a while back.

there really is nothing redeemable about a single woman in her thirties.

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I mean, the only plus to them that I have found in general is that they are a lot easier to get to fuck and easier to punch up on the 1 through 10 attractiveness scale mostly due to their desperation.

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My wife is 10 years younger than I am and she says the same thing as this paper. Wife quote - "You'll get better looking for the next 10 years, I'm passed my prime".

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These young girls are only looking at 50 year old men for the money grab. They don't find them attractive, just fake it for the cash. Guys their age can't or won't buy them designer shoes, etc. But old men get excited when some young 20 something is actually giving them attention and will buy them anything to keep the attention going. A 50 year old fat, bald guy is nobody's idea of a good Saturday night unless he takes you to a high-end restaurant and then shopping or makes your car payment. I know several girls in their 20s that play this game.

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Its also all the 35 year old women. Basically its all women looking at available white 50 year olds with money.

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Since turning 40, I'm seriously having issues keeping women from trying to hit me up. I'm not even the most attractive guy (I'd say a 7/10), but I'm seriously thinking of bringing a tennis racket with me at all times to swat-away the women flinging pussy at me.

This is even more annoying, because my sexual urges peaked around 34. Sex is great and all, but it's no longer the all-encompassing reason for existence anymore, so all of this shit is really getting annoying.

TL;DR - It's true, and you'll be swimming in women wanting to call you "daddy" by 40.

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No, it's generational. Gen X women were more restrained than Millenials.

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Yes humans didn't fuck like animals since our inception.... I'm all for traditional marriage and I truly believe a better happiness can be achieved with a stable and dedicated relationship, but there's no need for rose tinted glasses, humans have always been wild slutty fuck machines. It's in our DNA to procreate as much as possible.

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Your sock doesn't count as a woman, even if you attach those craft eyes onto it.

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It doesn't have to; women feel better than any sock. You'll turn 40 someday, and understand.

That said, I'm totally taping googly-eyes to the next chick that gives me head. Thanks for the idea.

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Non scientific popular press coverage of the paper :

"For Online Daters, Women Peak at 18 While Men Peak at 50, Study Finds."


Early view from OKCupid data before the Tinder Age :

"Statistically speaking, a woman’s desirability peaks at 21" :


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it's really 16 but they had to say 18 for legal reasons

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Scientists have agreed with you, but the papers already defend that saying that their DATA they use is from mulimillion data point dating sites and the sites do not allow entering values less than 18 in the usa.

Everyone knows appeal cant go from nothing to perfection just because a 17 year old had a birthday the day before.

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