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This is what happens when the monkeys we pay to dance for our amusement forget that they're just monkeys dancing for our amusement.

It's not just the NFL but Hollywood as well. Nobody wants to watch overpaid idiots virtue signal much less be lectured at by them.

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I havn't watched an nfl game in 2 years. It sucks because our local team was a big thing with me and my dad, my fondest memory was skipping 20 super bowl parties with friends and watching our team win the super bowl with my dad before he died. I read this year our team is the first team to have a male cheerleader.... fuck the saint's, fuck the NFL.

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TV media market is oversaturated.

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Is that why it shows that last season was the NBAs highest ratings season in 5 years?

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There are a couple hundred cable channels. Not that much content is being produced.

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NFL has forgotten they are entertainers. And they will not be popular until they go back to trying to entertain people instead of using the NFL platform for their personal agendas.

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I turned off NFL last year and won't go back until Goodell is gone and the league drops it's SJW bullshit.

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NHL: no politics, no niggers, action only.

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There were people who never missed a game for years or even decades. Then they added Thursday night games and a lot of folks started breaking their ritualistic viewership because of life responsibilities. Then they decided to make people choose between patriotism and social justice, which are not mutually exclusive, and people started breaking their ritualistic viewing because of political sensibilities. They're also losing parents because they want to avoid the injuries.

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The NFL is not going to yield any kind of importance for North American viewers. The NFL is going to realize its losing its market and try to move into another market. London has the best chance of garnering a lot of sport and I think London would be open to this kind of stuff. The last thing London needs is incorporating the NFL into their system, which is already a wreck as it is and burdens down the rest of England.

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sports might violate the sensibilities of the imams.

nope, not there

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Actually the pants are in Muslim fashion code for men, where as soccer is not.

Know your enemy, empathize with your enemy, then you can destroy your enemy for you know exactly why they must be destroyed.

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It will serve as a good reason to construct their harems. The cosmopolitanism of London would support it as well. I wonder what they would think of the cheerleaders though?

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