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Destroying your own property to virtue signal doesn't actually hurt the company since they already have your money.

Instead, sign up for and/or pick up application packages for their in-store credit cards. You'll get prepaid envelopes with them; use those to mail Nike letters of disapproval, coupons for other stores, blank applications, a loogie, whatever you feel like. That way, it costs them to see your thoughts and at the very least they take a small hit (even if small).

Don't include a valid return address so they can't blacklist you from receiving future promo offers.

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Do you remember the whole "freedom fries" and "freedom toast" junk when France wouldn't join the USA against Iraq or whatever? There were bars and private owners just pouring out champagne. All I could think is "they've already got your money though.."

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I think what bothers me the most other than this is an obvious push to get people's panties in a twist, is that Nike has been a left leaning company FOREVER!!

It was founded in Eugene, OR and is headquartered in Portland. It is like the last big corporation headquartered in this state.

If people want to boycott then whatever, but obviously the ad was not meant for them. If anything, it was meant to divide and push the rhetoric of if it's not for me then it's for nobody. No, commies, you can buy Nike if you want to. You can leave your politics behind.

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Bollocks. Who wants to be a walking advert for a bigoted company?

I just tossed two pairs of old trainers in the bin, and they are staying there. Got plenty adidas, etc. And I'm needing a new pair come to think of it.

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Destroying your own property to virtue signal doesn't actually hurt the company since they already have your money.

I agree... Im going to burn down my house cause home depot pissed me off

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Activism is symbolic though. Imagine the Boston Tea Party just nigging free tea, rather than uniting a nation with their symbolic, yet wasteful, protest.

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Don't exert your self its America and Nike both are Jewish owned companies they already got your money and soul

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bunch of twitter leftists yelling "i'm buying nike forever now" and im just like bitch you dont even get off the couch to run...

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Note the emphasis on Twitter leftists, which are basically the same as champagne socialists. Actual leftists would normally boycott Nike for outsourced sweatshop labor and crony capitalism practices.

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More like bitch you need to go out and get a job to buy Nikes.

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Can anyone tell me EXACTLY why the nogs are kneeling to begin with?

I've heard at least four reasons. None of them make sense.

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Police brutality, cops killing them.

Unfortunately, worked in the hood too much and they have a tendency to give cops and authority figures a lot of trouble in spite of the fact they were clearly in the wrong. They have a bad reputation for doing this, which is why many people don't support this campaign, especially black cops and security guards. They're basically asking cops to let the criminals run wild.

Good luck with that!

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Because they are niggers, they complain, they bitch and then they blame it on whitey while standing around doing nothing. Hands out waiting for "Gibs" called reparations. It will be something else next go round. Vicious circle that never ends.

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They know they would fail. They know they are not capable of the achievements of whites. So rather than try, they call oppression in some low-IQ effort to distract from their incompetence.

[–] ardvarcus 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

They are kneeling to show their contempt for the Constitution, the flag, and America ... but mostly for white people.

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Herd mentality. They kneel because they see other dumb nigtards kneeling. Doesn't matter the original reasons.

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"I'm Burning My Nikes"

So just like the leftists who destroyed their guns? Breaking your own property to virtue signal is always retarded.

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It conveys outrage in an unmistakable way. It's not like these people were going to wear this stuff anymore anyway, so it might as well go to some small good use. The only really dumb part is buying the stuff to begin with, but not much to be done about it now.

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It conveys outrage in an unmistakable way.

It's called virtue signalling. People who think their outrage should dictate other people's policies are a stain on society.

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Destroying a gun and destroying a shitty nigger meme brand shoe are not even remotely close on the idiocy scale, you fucking faggot retard.

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Fucking shit balls nigger pussy fuck faggot ass nuts, cock nigger giant dildo.

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Destroying your own property to virtue signal is always retarded. You sound buttmad because you just burned your shoes and now realize that it didn't affect the manufacturer in any way.

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I don't blame nationalists and conservatives for being pissed off. Nike deliberately chose Kaepernick for his political views -- this is a slap in the face of white Christians by Nike, a conscious provocation by Nike. I really hope they reap the whirlwind on this one.

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You have to realize that marketers that are pushing this shit are probably hardcore liberals and actually believe that moron is a good symbol and for the life of them can't figure out why people are pissed though if they looked at what he did to the NFL they would realize that he would be the totally wrong person to have as a rep in any way. Hell some Head at NIKE will roll when the sales take a nosedive because parents in the hood do not buy $80 sneakers for their kids and college kids seem to buy combat boots and super high heels and dumb shit so the conservative families were probably their biggest customers. I myself think Vans are a 100X more comfortable and better looking also but I'm white so what do I know.

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Just waiting to see how long this lasts until it gets shut down. If their stock takes a hit and customers with large accounts cancel left and right, Kaepernick's campaign might not last the week, if not day.

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Nah, look at the NFL. Those dumbasses have been staying the course a few years now.

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It's not going well. Teams are dying in a lot of red states. Got tickets dirt cheap in one city near to the field. Place was pretty empty. It was a great game but it was sad. They are killing their product.

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This shit seems childish to me. Don’t buy new shoes from them in the future, sure. But this is low shelf “look at me” level retardation.

Hopefully a company like Nike will learn like Dick’s, and other companies that “make a stand” catering to liberals: that it’s a poor business model trying to please the welfare class. They have no money, no jobs, no self respect. That’s why they’re liberal. They’re in it for the handouts. Companies don’t survive without making money; yet these guys continue to ostracize the money making, hard working, self respecting people that got them where they are.

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Until companies learn the sad truth, the way Disney has been forced with Star Wars, that they must fire their HR departments and change their leftist policies- then their Brands must be destroyed so that competing brands can outcompete them.

No, we must destroy these megacorps most valuable asset, their Brand.

So burn the nikes.

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You need to understand that Disney is evil and leftists. It's not their PR department. It's Disney telling their PR people what to do.

[–] LegalPERSON 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

I’ll leave the temper tantrums to the lower class. I didn’t have to burn any Star Wars merch. They realize the brand is destroyed because it’s being ignored.

A pissing match will, at some level, venerate the opposing position. Ignoring them outright and moving on is a wound that doesn’t heal because we’re no longer around to hear the inevitable apology.

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Maybe they can sell the shoes where they make them in China because we all know the Chinese workers are loaded with spending money.

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Haven’t bought anything with a Nike logo on it in years. Their stuff is made by children.

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