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Isn’t this textbook Zionism if she goes and ultimately stays forever? How many other Jews will soon do the same for whatever their “reasons”; but it will be done with a strong Israeli military in place, with an Israeli border wall, and many more Muslim immigrants replacing the Jews across the world. They get their paradise while their aftermath destroys the rest of civilization.

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I mean with all that in mind, can you really blame her? If there was an all-white nation with virtually zero nogs, no immigration, and a huge border wall, I'd move there too.

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We see where her loyalties truly were. As my Dad says: "Good riddance to bad rubbish."

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Awesome. Leave.

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*Nose-span Far

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Zionists Bitches should def move to Zionist Bitch land ,. the False Flag Fuckery Capitol of the World ;) where there is oddly a massive massive Pedophile Endemic

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I still don't hate her but... Bye.

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What about her nut farm in Hawaii?

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