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Silicon Valley faggots do make a lot of "mistakes". Could it be due to incompetence?

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Not incompetence, only arrogance. They think they're right and can get away with it.

These people legitimately believe they are doing the morally right thing by curbing the vile and wicked things in society, because the only reason people say mean things is because they see people saying mean things. And the only reason people are racist is because they see people being racist. There is no way to stop these evil things without first stopping their spread.

They don't understand that it is not an organic growth from the idea existing, they don't see that people can independently all have a similar conclusion. Even worse, that people can have a similar conclusion in opposition to the one that is /right/.

It has long been a subject I want to read up on, the idea that people often act upon is that only by killing the message can you prevent people from knowing its contents.

Muslims rape little girls, everyone sees it happening, they know it happens. So they arrest people who spread the news, instead of stopping Muslims raping little girls. And they expect that their actions will end hatred of Muslims.

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They think they're right and can get away with it.

Sums up my experience working in tech but particularly in valley companies. I had to get myself out of that shit...

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Maybe we should what’s it called diversify them with right wingers. They seem to be all about forced diversity maybe they need some of their own medicine

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The only diversity they deserve is being ventilated with a diverse selection of calibers.

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Moral, ethical, and intellectual incompetence.

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Must be! They continue to make these "mistakes" after they get grilled and dont get reprimanded.

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It was only a "mistake" AFTER the fucking cultural marxists were caught doing it throughout the industry.

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Yeah. I think they mean the mistake was that they got caught.

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Sorry we got caught

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"We were just kidding Bro"- Twitter

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I was on Twitter for three weeks back in 2014. That was also a mistake. Fixed it by leaving the platform and never looking back.

'Mistakes' set on rinse-repeat are NOT fucking 'mistakes' they are routines. These Silicone Valley Tech 'routines' are called mistakes ONLY when a big bearing in the machine starts screeching.

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And the outright banning? Milo is still missing from Twitter, right?

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I believe so, and there is no good reason for it. He was blamed for the dog pile on that actress/comedian in the horrorific feminist reboot of “Ghostbusters”, as though he were actually a leader of an organization and not just a shitposter.

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And Roger Stone too when he called out a CNN anchor with a curse word.

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System error

The "I do not recall / I do not have that document in front of me / like with a cloth" of technology.

Call it an "error" and no one is at fault. Getting real sick of that shit.

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If Congress would lay Dorsey out and perform an abortion on him and pull his brain out through his front hole for all to see, maybe they'd learn something. Otherwise pointless.

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What a load of bullshit.. Jack is full of it, and I hope they break up his company into tiny pieces and sprinkle it all over.

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I think that would be an unacceptable use of government power, but he does need to decide whether he wants to be fully responsible for every utterance on Twitter or wants to let people say what they want.

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he's opened the can of worms... they are no longer utilities.. they have become publishers... that means they are liable for the content... it also means that we need antitrust seeing as they have a monopoly... so yes break up their companies into tiny pieces.

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