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It was showing signs of an infiltration/takeover back in 2013.

It's 2018. That's five fuckin' years people could've gotten a clue about this.

Ever met a slow gazelle?

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Reddit is fake, most of their traffic is fake, the comments are fake, the votes are manipulated, the mods are all bought off by big corporate, the users and articles are fake, and every single employee would happily lie to your face. It's a big fucking sham.


This is the future. A bunch of nonsense bot net shit programed by a bunch of worthless scummy shit skin pajeets who are too fucking stupid to realize what they are destroying.

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This seems like a ridiculous statement to me. I see more comments on here that seem botlike than I do on reddit the few times I've been there recently. Sure, lots of the upvotes and stuff are clearly not organic, but to say that the comments are all fake? Man this is some fkn weird ass reality I've found myself in. You are aware that everyone has different opinions right? A good portion of Reddit is based, are they all fake too?

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If it trains them to make better bots...


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Unfortunately you're wrong. Reddit is insanely popular because most people are normies. that's why they're called normies..

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"hurr durr, everyone is fake, nobody actually exists on the internet"

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I quit fully when they started editing peoples comments. Mods banning and taking down shit is bad enough. But changing what people say is nuts and defeats the whold purpose of allowing comments.

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This comment has been moderated in accordance with forum standards.

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Been banned from so many threads that I lost count, bunch of liberal twerps over there

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Dude, it was around 2009-2010 when it started to shit the bed.... Thats when the marketing stuff started to happen, Aaron Schwartz died, etc.

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(((They))) suicide'd Aaron so they could take over with their marxist BS.

(((They))) took over Digg and ruined that. So, Rebbit was their next target.

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They have been using it for grooming children too around that time and still do. Also, for awhile youtube had a perma-url to reddit's frontpage on every single youtube video uploaded (including children's videos) and you could still see NSFW without being logged in back then. So children were definitely coming across porn because of that, and no one said shit about it.

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I remember *them asking google to change the seach to remove /r/jailbait /r/niggers i think /r/coontown was another one etc from the search results. They did, gotta keep that closet door closed

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Reddit is one of the controlled propaganda platforms . . .

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There is much more to controlled propaganda than censorship or restrictions . . .

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No, maannn. Reddit is hosted on Reddit Island, mannn. We make our own laws here at the high council with spez n shit, maannn.

What laws are you suggesting Reddit is complying with by censoring and controlling its platform to the extent that it is?

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Seeing every single main sub in the left-leaning site declare solidarity with Dubya and McCain is all the proof of that anyone needs.

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duhhh... reddit 2006 was awesome and not much different than here in some respect. around 2012 it became obvious then the pao incident it took a shit.

I will say tho, reddit and some of the smaller subreddit are still a good source to get info from.

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The pao incident only hid what was going on. Yes, they deleted "hateful" subs and started censoring "mean" people, which caused a backlash that affected all major subs, but while everyone was distracted with the that they began a major propaganda and political censorship push that went unnoticed by most.

Most people didn't hear about it because the admin bots automated bans on key words, so you couldn't even speak about it in the comments.

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Reddit deleted some "hateful" subs. Delete coontown but allow crackertown to continue? All hate against whites allowed, but a smidgen of dislike toward brown skins? That's a bannin' . . .

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Ad platform, its an ad platform as you cant send propaganda when everything is locked and deleted all the time.

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Here's some fun, I posted some facts about the second world war, had my posts put in liberal subs to mark them for attack, and recieved 200+ downvotes within half an hour.


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The fall the the_donald thanks to the massive push for the truth about Seth Rich is what killed any conservative speech on Reddit. After that they bit the bullet and went full scale globalist censorship. That was a sad day.

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Old news

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