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Leftists: Look at this mile we got! It only cost an inch.

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Cuckservatives: If we keep giving the left miles, I'm sure they'll eventually give us an inch back.


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That's what she said.


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Never ever show them compassion or weakness...they are two year olds...and they will foot stomp until they get their way. Never give in to a tantrum.


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This is pretty much what happened with the blacks. In the 70s we tried treating them equally. In the 80s we started pushing for "affirmative action" and giving them special privileges. Look now.... being black is worth 200 points on the SAT, 11 points on the MCAT. They're allowed to be as loud, ignorant, and violent as they want. And yet they're crying "racism" more than ever.


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Iv been to a ton of high school and college graduations and niggers are the only ones who can’t follow the simple rule: clap at the end of the ceremony. That was one of the first things I ever noticed as an innocent little child


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Kikes crucifying their own... nothing new there..



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That's because it was.

She was basically propped up before. If she hadn't crossed the people that helped her so much, she would, at the very least, have still had plenty of support.

Instead, she let them take her down without a fight and then apologized for it. She undoubtedly let us down.


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She literally called George Soros a hero after calling him a Nazi and then finding out he was a fellow Jew.


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I only apologize if I know 100% I was in the wrong and I violated my own principles. Apologizing to please other people makes you exploitable and weak.


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Apologizing to the left is the same as jumping into shark-infested water with beef underwear on.



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Never apologize for someone else's wrong interpretation.


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This sort of transcends left/right.

You can apologize to an individual if you make a mistake, but there's no way to satisfy a mob by showing weakness.


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Rewarding anger encourages anger.

Its really really really well known, basic common sense stuff that has basically been forgotten in the west. If someone is really quick to anger they don't want an apology they want blood, if you apologize you legitimize their anger so they are vindicated in feeling or being angry all the time. That vindication is addictive.

Thats why outrage culture is so common and all the left and right wing media outlets do nothing but show things to get their viewers angry, you have pretend civilized people that are perpetually angry because its rewarding them with an endorphin rush 24/7. Theres a whole industry on virtually every social media platform of manufacturing, encouraging, rewarding, and fostering anger. Reddit and Twitter have their angry leftwing fuckwits constantly eating anything anti Trump (real or imaginary) while simultaneously trying to say its the pro Trump crowd that are angry.

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