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That bitch deserves to be gang raped and had her vag burned by savage somalians, and then cut into pieces and fed to those cannibals.

I'm sick of the empathy and free passes given to libtards. Revolution is fueled by the blood of traitors.

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The French know how to deal with women like this....


Social ostracism is worse than death to a woman.

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OK Obergruppengrammar, I'll bite.

Seeing as how the subject is the German woman (present tense) and I am assuming the French have not lost the knowledge of how to deal with traitors, which would also make their reference present tense, wouldn't it be know not knew?

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But she's the opposite of those women.

Those women slept with Nazis or the Milice. They didn't deserve it. They were and are the true heroes of France.

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Jesus sucks dick, just like you.

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After the war the French shaved the heads of female nazi collaborators. This insured that everyone knew what they had done in the years that followed.

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A lot of French women (and women in other occupied countries) got through the war by marrying/dating German servicemen or simply working in establishments that served them (bars, brothels, cabarets etc.). When the Germans withdrew the resistance took revenge by shaving their heads and publically humiliating them. It was mob action more than anything organised and if it was anything like similar events in other countries then it was mostly used to settle petty arguments. I doubt much justice was seen, or that they mostly got serious collaborators.

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We need a new name to add to the lexicon for these leftists. Something that signifies their brainwashed illogical contradictory beliefs.

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They're Marxists. Everything they do makes sense if you understand that their end goal is the destruction of all the mores and standards of Western Civilization. This includes "logical standards of discourse".

It all follows (((Alinksy's))) "Rules for Radicals" to a T and the running credo of "By any means necessary".
Dishonest argumentation is literally the first weapon in their political arsenal.

Your opponent can't deliver a clear victory or message if they're forced to be constantly tracking your fallacies and unspooling the threads of your sophistry. It makes them seem like nit pickers, and allows you to deliver "big narrative" (X is good, Y is bad) messaging while they obsess over minutiae. What matters is what the specific audience remembers and carries away in their minds, not technical victories.

The internet and the ability to compare and contrast (in review) the huge stockpile of leftist hypocrisy and contradictory doctrine have helped destroy this tactic. But again, it doesn't really help in the moment. A talented bullshitter can still easily win the moment, and win the day with their lies and rhetorical tricks. Even if proved to be a fraud after the fact. As long as it achieves a set goal in a set timeframe (push a vote in their favor).

This is why trolling these faggots should never been seen as an illegitimate tactic. Or somehow bad for "optics". If you can make them look like an idiot by baiting them into an SJW ragequit by pressing their buttons, then you've beaten them at their own game. Onlookers will side with you, and you didn't even have to meticulously deconstruct the liberal lies on the fly.

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Most of the problems in Europe are due to the fact people who think like this woman are running countries and the EU and effectivly have an Marxist aggenda .

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I feel like they are minions of the bankers. They're goal is to make whomever is moving up from the middle class... back down. Communism just returns everyone back to being poor. It uses the lower class to pull down the middle class.

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The Germans aren't quite there yet. They will get there. It's true, there's no use in talking sense or defending your position with these types of people. They will push back even harder or be in more denial when in defense. The easiest way to expose a liberal, commie, etc, is like you said trolling. Run with their narrative to the point where it obviously contradicts itself, exposing their stupidity. This usually wakes a liberal up on certain points. Although, for many liberals it takes multiple rounds of trolling until they begin to form some common sense and start changing their beliefs.

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cucknitive dissonance perhaps?

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That describes them. I'm talking about a name. I was trying to think of cognitive dissonance earlier. Couldn't remember it. Thanks.

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I like that

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The chinks already came up with one, baizuo.

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need a new name. no one is going to remember or know how to say baizuo.

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shes only there to show that there is a resistance to the reality. she knows. she enjoys them trying to reason with her. she lies about her intentions and has every intent to destroy the country. she enjoys every second these people aren't making themselves free because she knows the longer they take the lower the chance they have.

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She is looking scared. Their bullshit won't be tolerated for much longer

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If Trump has done anything, he has proven that more and more people are waking up. His acceptance from people around the world is proving that.

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The riots happened because an arab spit on the grave and called him a shitty german.

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The big big difference between western and islamic civilization.. same woman in a crowd of mudslim men she is spit on beat raped and killed in any order you can think of... western men try to reason with her but they dont understand the liberal mind it cant be reasoned with logic and reason are cancer to liberals as well as common sense.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=e_L4jGiW5ZU :

Reporters and leftists get a much needed reality check in Chemnitz by the "Nazis" - YouTube

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