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President Trump, please FIRE the dangerously misguided cuck who fired the Marine commander.

We cannot win a war relying on such a fool.

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who cares if "we" win. the US military fights only for israel.

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Goyim, let us all (((win))) together. You can shed the blood and we'll keep the gold and oil proceeds.

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Still no reason to let "our" military become a bunch of faggots.

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Losing means our people die and Israel still wins.

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I really wouldn't want a faggot covering my ass in battle so what's the problem.

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Nah we need a soft military

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Soft, you say? Allow women and feels in the ranks. Put them in charge. Chase out the old timers, this new equipment runs itself.

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You are completely right.

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fuck yes, start a government petition.

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All I'm getting from this that if there's ever a draft, or some enlisted decided they want out, just use "naughty" words.

Sir, I do not wish to serve in the armed forces

To bad son, you don't have a choice!

Nigger, that's some gay kike shit right there


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Back when I was in you could just pretend to be gay. I remember one guy in unit was supposed to get out, but he was stop lossed because we were going to Iraq. So he went to the platoon sergeant and said he liked to suck dicks. He was gone in a week.

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Yeah, but now he's a faggot on his permanent record.

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I was in boot camp less than 2 decades ago. A pair of losers who couldn't handle it conspired and made sure to kiss each other on the mouth in full view of our firewatch. Of course, the recruit on watch immediately reported this to our Drill Instructor.

Those guys were back home with their girlfriends within like 2 weeks.

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Is that dishonorable discharge?

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much better than a shot in the foot from an accidental discharge during a rifle cleaning

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  1. Fire the real Marines.

  2. Keep the faggots.

  3. Pray we never have a real war with Russia or China.

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Its a possibility but you lose all your benefits with it the same way a traitor would, the difference is that the traitor will get less time.

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HAHAHAHAHA what the actual fuck, please tell me this is satire. Soldiers curse more than sailors for fuck sake, it's part of the culture.

This is how you create people who turn on the system, and got a very high potential for violence

An infantry battalion commander sacked in the middle of a deployment with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU, was at least partially fired for allegedly using a term that could be disparaging to members of the LGBTQ community, Marine Corps Times has learned.

Follow up question: When this insanity finally ends and people revolt, what will happen to all the faggots and LGBTQQP people? Will ordinary people be so fed up at that point, that the situation actually becomes dangerous for fags? (Like the homo/pedo lobby falsely claims it is today to further their agenda of subverting goyim)

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Will ordinary people be so fed up at that point, that the situation actually becomes dangerous for fags?

Implying that's bad.

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No faggot should ever feel safe. They need to keep the degeneracy behind closed doors and be terrified that people find out.

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A Marine is not a soldier and it is offensive to refer to them as such.

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The word "soldier" has been applied to members of uniformed, organized military forces since the time of the ancient Pharaohs.

Marines are uniformed military men belonging to an organized war-fighting force. That makes them soldiers.

Source: The English-fucking-language.

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What would you call them then? ZOG-fodder?

I'm suspecting this will be very entertaining.

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Where does this illiterate nonsense come from? Surely this is some oddball american tradition?

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Yes. As it should.

They are a blight on society and humanity. A genetic defect.

Fags, transfags, kikes, niggers, spics, sandniggers and low-IQ gooks, will hopefully all be in danger.

They are destroying a sustainable multi-planet future for mankind. Mankind can only make it through the year 2200 with colonies on the Moon and Mars, if we erradicate 90% of the non-whites on Earth and we embrace traditionalism and the nuclear family dynamic.

Also, we need to embrace eugenics. It is irresponsible at this point in human advancement to NOT have a comprehensive and thorough eugenics program for all of humanity.

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lol god damn, the military is so politicized to shit, had a black LDO LT call everyone a nigger if they were being lazy. Actually respected that guy because he worked hard. He retired a few years before me.

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8 years of Obama turned the military into a social activist experiment. It will take a while to purge all the nonsense. A friend of mine was telling me how they were making him watching some sensitivity video or something like that, i'm sure people here that enlisted can relate

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" Im sorry, I didn't realise you were a sensitive faggot".

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yeah, had to listen to a brief about letting gays serve openly while I was on terminal leave, really hilarious. An O6 called me directly on my cell phone to give me a 30 minute brief, really crazy.

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Fuck safe spaces.

I love making easily offended people offended.

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last summer I attended an Air Show at Scott AFB with family while in the hangar I spotted the US Army recruitment/PR booth and they where flying the Rainbow Flag I was like WTF????

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Most of the black men that I have respect for, either served alongside me in the military, or served before/after my time.

Some of the blacks who get into the military are absolutely, irrevocably niggers. But let's be fair- a lot of them pull their shit together, and do a good job of emulating civilized human beings that I would be happy to fight alongside.

Maybe this is just a blind spot for me on the "brown person" issue.

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But let's be fair- a lot of them pull their shit together, and do a good job of emulating civilized human beings that I would be happy to fight alongside.

That's called integration. But modern ghetto culture celebrates segregation and that's what makes ghetto culture so dangerous.

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We want you to be hardened soldiers, we need you to kill men, but most of all no potty talk.

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Fire the faggot who fired him.

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Flay the faggot in public and force every "gender confused" kids to watch it.

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Whoever approved that is a faggot.

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People who are going to risk their lives should be given the latitude to say whatever they want, use any stress relief they want. As per tradition.

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Shouting "DIE FAGGOT!" mid-firefight might get you court-martialed nowadays...

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