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Why the hell were we giving them 300million in aid to begin with. I have a hard time imagining that we got our money's worth out of that deal.

Edit: this is why Trump is the right choice.

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We're paying for fly-over rights to access other countries in the middle east. Been doing it since the first gulf war.

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Why the hell were we giving them 300million in aid to begin with

Because the (((Fed))) just prints more toilet paper dollars out of thin air and gives them to third world hell holes, in exchange for (((geopolitical influence))).

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This is why everyone hates him. He is ending free meals. All the backroom deals that funnelled US taxpayer money into the pockets of Jews or foreign countries has stopped and they are pissed.

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Cool now strip israel of aid

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Trump waits for the perfect timing to strike.

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I don't personally give a fuck who the aid was for, I dislike these sorts of stories because it implies we as a country even have $300 mil to spend. We're trillions in debt, the last thing we need is to go in debt on another country's behalf.

Ironically, all it would take to resolve US liabilities is to cut all spending by 10%. That's it. In just four years we'd be whole again. When you hear politicians say they want to cut spending, 99.9% of the time what they mean is "we'll spend 10% less than we would normally," which isn't actually a spending cut, but people are too dumb most of the time to get that and think "OH! THAT'S GOOD, WE'RE SAVING MONEY."

Slash all the welfare countries, then slash all the welfare back home. I'm sick of my taxes going to LaTrine and her 17 shitlets.

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Ironically, all it would take to resolve US liabilities is to cut all spending by 10%

This is what I always say. It is a pretty simple equation. Just cut the budget on every single program by about 30%, if the program no longer works cut the whole thing. A decade of that and we could have real tax cuts.

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real tax cuts

The vast majority of taxes are unconstitutional and shouldn't even be in place.


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Good luck finding a politician who will propose that, and ones to vote for it. They may as well wear a "Primary me" shirt on the floor of the house/senate, because they wouldn't be getting another term.

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A dollar in aid for Pakistan is a dollar in aid for terrorists.

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In the spirit of saving the best for last, the biggest welfare queen (Israel) will be the last to be stripped of all aid.

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We all know they won't. No one has the balls to.

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I can't stop crying 'Hallelujah' over stuff Trump does like this. FUCKING HALLELUJAH!!!

Sick and FUCKING tired of hard-earned tax-payer money confiscated and then sent to violent and useless losers the planet over.

HALLELUJAH, POTUS!!! Keep it up!

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Why is anyone getting 300m in aid?

No more foreign aid for anyone.

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The Trump Doctrine is easiest to describe as: deploying economic leverage to achieve national security interests. The Trump Doctrine is unique and stunningly effective.

In 2017 Trump and Secretary Tillerson, now Secretary Pompeo, put Pakistan on notice they need to get involved in bringing their enabled tribal “extremists” (Taliban) to the table in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s primary investor and economic partner is China. The U.S. removed $900 million in financial support to pressure Pakistan toward a political solution in Afghanistan, China has to fill void. [NOTE: Last month the World Bank began discussions about a financial bailout for Pakistan.] Again, more one-way bleed for China.

When President Trump removed the $900 million in aid to Pakistan, he empowered the Pentagon via Defense Secretary James Mattis, with an option to give $300 million to Pakistan if Mattis felt positive steps were being taken to change behavior.



No one expected Trump to be the most effective foreign policy president we've ever had . . .

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