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Fight back it’s for your lives and the lives of your children. These animals have a home and it’s not the west. We have no need for them they serve no positive purpose.

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You mean wilderness.

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"Far- right" ? Pff ! What ! You mean just ordinary German citizens who are concerned and sick of their country being overrun with people who should not be there.It's happening ALL OVER Europe and the People, NOT" far - right "! Have just had enough that's all ! So stop with the inaccurate, false labels/ narrative, no one is buying what you're selling anymore !

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It's accurate though. All "right wing" means is "not as socialist as I am." It used to have a specific meaning: Supporter of the house of bourbon, but the Bourbonites died out and the socialists liked the insult too much to let it go, so they started just calling everyone right wing.

It's pretty convenient for them too. They get to be 50% of all politics and cram everyone else into a single, ununified, megacategory.

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It's not "far-right", or any slur on them they can come up with, to support your own people. It's sanity and common sense.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=tCjwXiQXLVg :

German far-right holds protest in Chemnitz - YouTube

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Merkel continues not to give a fuck, as if anything seriouse will come out of it, she ahs nothing to fear as her masters won't let her have another term anyway.

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Her kids will surely pay the price of her actions....oh, wait.

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Well technically she has a son.

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If these neo-nazis keep wanting to have their families survive even though their families are clearly white, I guess Trump will have to bomb them.

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The dreaded Far-right. The smooth heads seemed to mostly belong to respectable looking middle-aged balding German men.

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Your title is much more accurate than the title of the YouTube video.

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