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For this, someone needs to help Mr. Clanton out with a nice bike-lock beating of his own.

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It is actually far worse than the story points out. Clanton's attorney has, himself, been charged with violent offenses during protests, then lost his law license, only to have it re-instated by the California Supreme Court.

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Plea deals are unconstitutional. There's a hundred years of jurisprudence to overturn, before constitutionality and the rule of law can be restored to this country. It won't happen without war.

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Ive told this story but i think it matters and will keep it short as possible.. i got 14 months probation, 50 hours community service and 800 dollar fine... with court cost, being denied uber and kicked off airbnb the total it cost me was between 14,000 and 20,000 and im still not able to get back on airbnb so the cost keeps increasing...

I had a friend of a friend who was at a bar.. the friend of a friend had cost my friend and his family about 500k by talking them into buying a restaurant and then either mismanaging it or out right stealing money... i confronted the con man by warning the rich person he was haning out with that he should watch out because the guy he is with is a total piece of shit conman. The conman got up out of the booth he was in by pushing a girl out of the way and then cursed at me and put his finger on my chest. I responded by pushing him back and punching him. By his own admisson this lasted about 5 seconds. So long story over i fought the entire way i felt it was self defense because (by definition pushing my chest with his finger 3 times is assault) and me not willing this guy to sucker punch me i ended the conflict... yes i started it but i used words not physicaly touching anyone... that being said i got a slightly worse sentence then this fucking antifa piece of shit because plea deals you can get off probation half way though, which would be 1.5 years... thats fucked up... i got railroaded by a shitty prosecutor and judge.

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the whole system is corrupted. this asshole will fuck with the wrong guy and his ass will be snuffed out. the laws will not protect you.we must be the law.

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So does this set precedence that beating people with bike locks is ok? Shit bike lock it up next antifa rally. Give em a taste of their own medicine without worry of legal repercussions

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The leftists have managed to take control of the justice system, just as they have the media and the universities. There are far too many extreme liberal judges with a globalist, socialist agenda to push.

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Layla's got him on his knees

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