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There is no source on this story. Not even one.
The only source listed is someone that talked about how Freeh hated Clinton. Nothing tying it to trump. Not even the video.

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True Pundit is a garbage website that often doesn't give sources. Best to ignore it.

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I ignore both sites posted on Voat that have "pundit" in their name. Both are garbage websites

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Lol would it matter , he”d drown mid flight on the way to the appointment

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Trust the plan


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I trust the Plan. I'm going to sit here in the warm water, just like you told me. Could you do me a favor and turn the heat down just a smidge, I'd hate to cook alive before the Plan is realized.

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Nice shill account .

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3, 2, 1...aaand he suicided.

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Crazy conspiracy theorists, acting like people don't slip in the shower and shoot themselves in the back of the head eleven times, ALL the time!

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Freeh is a solid choice. Hell, look at this guys experience! Now, I would not support him as the head of the FBI but definitely think he would be great as a Special Prosecutor.

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Freeh is very much still in the game, and he ran the FBI before:


Freeh is working with Giuliani, so this is a very real possibility.

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Louis Freeh: The Man With The Secrets


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Good link. Thanks!

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Fake News, the Clintons don’t have 1 single “Foe” in all US politics, including a Trump.

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quit floating this shit and do it

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Freeh was behind the Waco Raid, so he must be friends with the Clintons. Don't see how he could not be. Jeff Sessions needs to be kept in at all cost.

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