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Female monkeys don't trust males, even when they're obviously right

'Female monkeys are reluctant to follow the example of males even when they would obviously benefit from doing so, new research has found. '

'This leads females to believe that males have poor local knowledge because they move around so much. '

'By contrast, male monkeys are happy to learn from whichever sex appears to be the more effective in a given situation, the study found. '

'The behaviour, which the researchers said echoes some human traits, is rooted in the tendency of male vervet monkeys to roam between groups. '

'A study by St Andrew’s University established that even when males demonstrate superior methods of obtaining food, females would rather mimic each other’s techniques because of an innate distrust of the opposite sex. '

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“innate distrust of the opposite sex. “

Well they are sexed crazed monkeys. Like most human males so that makes sense. Bitches want control over their own pussies and who they breed with. Can’t really blame them.