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Can you imagine nigger court in Africa? Nigger lawyers, nigger judge, nigger jury. I bet the transcripts are FREQUENTLY hilarious in their attempts to find FACT and TRUTH.

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It’s terrifying honestly, because it’s coming here. When white liberals say right-wing politics is about fear I always agree and amplify. I am afraid, for myself and my children. When we become a minority in our lives are going to degrade into savagery. These people aren’t capable of grasping higher social concepts like justice or fairness, and there’s zero possibility their egos can handle the fact that their race is inferior. The outcome is that whites will not only have to live in the 3rd-world shithole that they creat, we’re going be punished for it’s existence as well. That’s horrible. Shouldn’t I be afraid of that?

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Yes. But have FAITH. Intelligence has prevailed so far (despite corruption (evil)). I imagine all that's required to CORRECT this issue is a little more conclusive evidence before the solution becomes CLEAR to everyone interested in, well, goodness, for lack of a better term. Placating and nurturing the stupid is NOT a viable course. JUSTICE is NOT their comfort (as they have concluded). It is NOT unreasonably difficult to make a decent living in a civilized society. One MUST know their PLACE though, and WHY that is their place.

The current/past deranged delusional nonsense will HAVE to be quashed. The resistent, exterminated. Repent or parish.

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I remember that video of the Liberian congress or whatever chimping out. Literally hundreds of niggers pretending to run a government just biting and screeching like howler monkeys.

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You should look at like 30 seconds of the Aretha Frankin viewing/memorial today. SHEESH. Convocation of delusional stupid evil people who think they are going to heaven with an attitude (constantly on display even here) in DIRECT opposition that what God commands of his children. It's like they think singing is akin to rocket science!