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Basically they suck at farming, cant get the same result as white farmers with the same equipment and seed, so instead of trying to improve them selves they're blaming White people. LOL

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Does no one remember Zimbabwe? Shit only happened a few years ago. Mugabe stole all the farming land from whites and gave it to blacks; in the span of 2-3 years, that country went from exporting food as their main profitable export to surrounding nations, to being a nation starving and begging the UN for billions in aid for food. The farms are now currently used solely as hunting grounds for rats and mice. None of the niggers know how the farm, including all the ones who worked as farmhands for the previous white owners. They eat the seeds and sell the equipment, and lack the mental capacity to comprehend long term thinking.

However, crime did drop tremendously. As one black Zimba said: no one has anything to steal.

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Well growing crops is not that easy as a min wage farmhand could learn it from looking now and then, you need to know some stuff outside waht is on the field.

Still correct me but I say its posible to study agriculture within a year to get the basics about tillage and how to combine it with 5-10 plants you specialise on.

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all part of the plan

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Same old, same old. Recall the history of sharecropping in the Southern U.S.--modern school textbooks piss and moan over the "brutal racist oppression of sharecroppers", overlooking the fact that (1) most poor sharecroppers were White and (2) most blacks in that situation failed to move up and improve their situation because of sheer fecklessness.

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Ive never heard of "sharecropping"

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This is my field of study. If the company did this, it will be as easy as a paternity test to determine if it's the farmers or the seed company.

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The farmer's claim is that the sales company swapped the name brand seed for shitty seed.

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DNA tests work on plants too. Monsanto v Bowman in 2013 used one to prove the seed Vernon Bowman planted was their proprietary GMO seed.

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Can you imagine nigger court in Africa? Nigger lawyers, nigger judge, nigger jury. I bet the transcripts are FREQUENTLY hilarious in their attempts to find FACT and TRUTH.

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It’s terrifying honestly, because it’s coming here. When white liberals say right-wing politics is about fear I always agree and amplify. I am afraid, for myself and my children. When we become a minority in our lives are going to degrade into savagery. These people aren’t capable of grasping higher social concepts like justice or fairness, and there’s zero possibility their egos can handle the fact that their race is inferior. The outcome is that whites will not only have to live in the 3rd-world shithole that they creat, we’re going be punished for it’s existence as well. That’s horrible. Shouldn’t I be afraid of that?

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Yes. But have FAITH. Intelligence has prevailed so far (despite corruption (evil)). I imagine all that's required to CORRECT this issue is a little more conclusive evidence before the solution becomes CLEAR to everyone interested in, well, goodness, for lack of a better term. Placating and nurturing the stupid is NOT a viable course. JUSTICE is NOT their comfort (as they have concluded). It is NOT unreasonably difficult to make a decent living in a civilized society. One MUST know their PLACE though, and WHY that is their place.

The current/past deranged delusional nonsense will HAVE to be quashed. The resistent, exterminated. Repent or parish.

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"Judge Obagadoodoo Lewimba presidy now come"

Judge: Come come now. Court session mek dey go way pon dem. What be de prolen, plaintiff?

Plaintiff: da watt man come take fuh me land and witchcraft upon go dey.

Jurors let out audible gasp

Judge: Mista watt man, do be dey true wat dey sayya?

White man: (stares around, not sure of what just happened, or if he's being "spoken" to) what...

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Yep. Tough for me, though, to have sympathy for a white man delusional enough to want to live in niggerland. A Man's GOT to take responsibility for his own choices.

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I remember that video of the Liberian congress or whatever chimping out. Literally hundreds of niggers pretending to run a government just biting and screeching like howler monkeys.

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You should look at like 30 seconds of the Aretha Frankin viewing/memorial today. SHEESH. Convocation of delusional stupid evil people who think they are going to heaven with an attitude (constantly on display even here) in DIRECT opposition that what God commands of his children. It's like they think singing is akin to rocket science!

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It seems that Africa has too many stupid people to have a mix of people with obvious differences.

People with less than 85 IQ are not compatible with first world societies. Nations with avg IQ of less than 85 can't deny the siren song of blaming their inadequacies on those who are different.

Hopefully the rational, humane, world can influence the peaceful exit of minorities from stupid shithole nations. It's not justice, but simply compensate the scapegoats for the land you wish to steal from them so they have the resources to join a decent nation.

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Maybe they should stop watering with Gatorade

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But it's got what plants crave.

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They have an IQ of little children. What do they expect is going to happen when they let children run things?

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IQ supposedly doesn't change over age.

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That's not true. And while I understand what you're saying, everyone also understands what the guy above is saying with his comment.

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When British Columbia first started, the Brits appointed a black guy as Governor. He invited blacks from the US to go up there and farm and avoid the Jim Crow laws. They all packed up after years and went back to the Jim Crow laws in the US because they preferred that to farming.

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There have been a few intelligent blacks throughout European and American history. Alexander Dumas and Abram Hannibal come to mind. They however were exceptional.

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Thomas Sowel is very intelligent too.

That's why you can't judge individuals based on the colour of their skin. It only works when considering large groups. The bell curve is real.

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Ive never heard about that... wtf?

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Yes white man, don't think you get to take your magic with you, hand over your magic that made things grow for you.

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