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So they hate a nonexistent entity? Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

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He has no kids, be mindful of this. Theres a pattern.

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Yeah but is he a pet parent?

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We can at least partially treat it by ripping off Macron’s head and shitting down his kike neck.

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Well if it dosn't exist, it cant kill you, so the hailstrom of lead can't be possibly caused by something silly as a white man.

In return then if there is no white man then there can't be a black man either, so there can't be something as discrimination based on skincolor, so now comanies can drop diversity hire because there is no diversity.

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So if there is no true Dane, Frenchman etc. Then there are no true South Africans and we can displace the negroes back to western Africa. Then take the land for white people and form a white utopian society with plenty of natural resources. Instead of wakanda it could be Aryana or Eden.

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Brilliant plan, love it! All the black refugees can be channeled to Washington D.C.