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So they hate a nonexistent entity? Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

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He has no kids, be mindful of this. Theres a pattern.

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Yeah but is he a pet parent?

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We can at least partially treat it by ripping off Macron’s head and shitting down his kike neck.

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Well if it dosn't exist, it cant kill you, so the hailstrom of lead can't be possibly caused by something silly as a white man.

In return then if there is no white man then there can't be a black man either, so there can't be something as discrimination based on skincolor, so now comanies can drop diversity hire because there is no diversity.

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So if there is no true Dane, Frenchman etc. Then there are no true South Africans and we can displace the negroes back to western Africa. Then take the land for white people and form a white utopian society with plenty of natural resources. Instead of wakanda it could be Aryana or Eden.

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Brilliant plan, love it! All the black refugees can be channeled to Washington D.C.

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Oh would you look at that from his Wikipedia page (archive.is)

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camel faced anti European Jew Sarkozy Demands Forced Racial Interbreeding (Miscegenation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRHtBG9pqIE with EU flag in background

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And the shills claimed that the contextual sentencing is a wrong interpretation of what you said he said. We know what he meant when he said it and from succession politicians it's exactly clear what he meant. Forced miscegenation.

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If you are white and aren't stockpiling weapons right now you're going to be in for a real bad time in the very near future.

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Very near, no, in 20 years maybe.

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5 at most, probably more like 2, my guess is the next American presidential election will be the catalyst.

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Gotta at least have enough supplies to last until the communities solidify. There would be a very chaotic period until all us basement dwelling shitlords remember how to talk to people, and link up.

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This is why you try to find out who your friends and enemies will be before SHTF.

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I've had talks with boomers, gen-y and gen-zyklon about the current social climate and rampant degeneracy and the successive talks eventually boils down to a clear statement 'Hitler should have won the war' their reaction to it proves who my friends will be.

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Using that logic there is no such thing as a 'true Indian' or a 'true Japanese'. Fucking retard.

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Or the "true Jew."

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"Hello fellow Jews!"

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So then racism isn't real.

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There is no such thing as the White man? Excellent! There, by definition, can be NO WHITE PRIVILEGE. A white man can not be a racist because he does not exist! If you are a Eurotrash politico wanting to collect taxes, look elsewhere, only non-existent white men here!

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Fine Macron is not a true Frenchman.

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I was wondering, is it his words (could be because he is a cuck) or is it something his mommy told him to day because she is cucking him.

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News form the loony bin.

White person stands up and says there are no white people. Female stands up and says vagina is a social construct. It's all the same.

This is what abusive people do who are out to make you do what they want, separate your from reality. For it to work they can't have you hearing or seeing any dissenting voices or opinions. You cant have any friends.

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This is fucking liberal shithole Europe at it's best: "I'm gonna claim you're not a real group of people but of course I'm not gonna hand down the powers that the members of that group gave me. I'm still in charge but you're not a real person anymore because you're white."

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Then we are not bound anymore by human laws and morals anymore.

And what that means history showed time and time again.

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