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People said they wanted their money to go to this guy. The couple who set it up had no right to decide whether or not the guy deserved it. If people want to give their money to a drug addict, they are more than welcome to do so.

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Hey I’m a drug addict can I have some money

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I'm not a drug addict, but if you give me $403k I can become one.

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I'm not the idiot who donated to this addict. Setup a go fund me. I bet someone will donate to you.

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No you aren't.

Drug addics don't ask they take

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The only way I would consider them not giving the man the money would have been for them to set it up in an escrow controlled by a lawyer who would then determine if the guy keep clean "long enough" (however long that is) so that he wouldn't be tempted.

Or a conservatorship. Like what Britney Spears has.

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Keep the dirty lawyer out of it, but otherwise that's kind of what a trust is for.

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The guy swore he'd burn it right in front of him.

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It's HIS to do with as he pleases.

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The forensic accountant is going to gobble up a considerable amount of that money.

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(((Justice))) running its course

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Wouldn't they likely have to provide that at their own expense along with the rest of the court costs?

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Guy buys them free gas.

They decide that they're the better people, and steal half his money from a gofundme just for him.

Now they have to repay money they 100% spent on vacations to shitty Instagram-fodder places most-likely

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I know very little about this case, but giving an addict money doesn't help anything... The judge should have isolated the SJWs from the money, but not sure that this will end well (it wouldn't end well for any of the addicts i know).

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It's his right to kill himself. If you can't kill yourself you are not a free man. By definition arguments to the contrary establish that men are owned by the state. As such it is completely irrelevant whatever the guy wants to do with his money. All of that is a distraction in the first place.

The simple fact is, the money was raised for the vet. Legally it is his money. Otherwise the couple committed fraud and they should be placed in prison for that fraud.

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It’s true I just shot my self a week ago and I’m free as fuck

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Absolutely, I think that soliciting donations while leaving out information like this is a bit unethical, but in no case should these people get a penny of it

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Fuck it, if he wants to blow 400k on heron that's his right too, it's not wise or a good idea but we should not withhold anything from people because "they might" fuck off with that commie shit.

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Well I couldn't find any prices online but I'm willing to bet that's a lot of herons.

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I think heron are a protected species under the migratory bird act. If he spent $400k on them, he’d most likely be breaking the law.

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I agree, but it is still a shame that the money given to help him has a good chance of killing him. hopefully he will use it for a nice 3 month program or something.

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I saw some claims of the homeless man being a drug addict, but I have not seen anything to substantiate that.

This homeless vet rose to fame when he gave all of his money, just $20, to help a couple of people. Giving away all of their money is not something a drug addict does.

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He is a proven druggie. He ADMITTED to reporters that he did spend SOME of the 13,000 dollars on drugs.

But the SJW couple are looking for justification to steal all the money.

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He admitted to another reporter his current habbit is about 15-30 dollars a day in maintenaince.

It was either this couple, the dealer, a nice jewish lawyer or nigger that would have taken the money from him. Welcome to Jewtropolis er I mean America. Kike you very much.

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100 years ago, you could buy heroin. At the store, no prescription.

It's not anyone's fucking business what you do with your body.

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But..but who will feed big pharmas opium fields.

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All drugs should be legal. Why should the government have any authority over what you do to yourself?

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Philly has some of the most full of themselves hipsters. Sure you can't really beat the hipsters in that W neighborhood in NYC for pure comic appeal, but Philly proto-hippy beardos just take the cake for their complete lack of self awareness. It's a type of wonderful reality-bending contrast, to have a group of people who are looking in the mirror their entire lives but who never see themselves.

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People didn't donate the money whith strings attached. It's his money to do whatever he wants with it and anyone who says any different is wrong, plain and simple.

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McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help Bobbitt get off the streets.

McClure and D’Amico never gave Bobbitt the money. Instead, they took charge of it and bought him the things that they thought he “needed”.

I'm not seeing anything wrong with this, depending on how the "GoFundMe campaign" was presented. If it claimed the money would just be handed over to him, then that would be a problem. But his money-management skills and decision-making abilities obviously suck. Simply handing him $400K would violate the premise of the campaign, as I'm understanding it from this article. The idea was to help him get off the street and back into a functional lifestyle, not send him off to his death with a last super-blowout.

Then again, how they're handling the money for him, and what exactly the campaign said, are important details they're omitting.

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