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Wow they pay $18 an hour and they're Republican? B b b b but i thought republicans were evil and hated their employees!

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Chick Fil A does the same.

B-b-but Starbucks will help pay for your art degree!

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B-b-but drumph and mueller, manspreading and Hitler!

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Only if you're Muslim.

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I'll bet those employees are fucking motivated at a pay rate like that. $18/hour is a lot of incentive to not spit in your food.

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18 an hour isn't enough to have your own apartment.

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It is. Just not in California.

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You shouldn't be able to live a full-fledged adult life as an entry-level fast food worker.

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(8hrs*5days) = 40hrs/week

52 weeks = $37,440 per annum

÷12 months = $3,120 per month

remove 50% for taxes and that's $1,560/mo

An apartment can be between $600 and $1,200 for a studio or 1/1.

That leaves $360-$960 for food and toiletries.

18 an hour is enough to have your own apartment.

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It's over $35k a year. You can buy a house and live a normal, full life with that. Faggot.

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Chugging sausage is hardly an insult to them. Although accurate.

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Chugging sausage and soy . . .

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Wish we had that here. What a bunch of babies though. Did they even bother checking that they also donated to Dems before?

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Perfect Friday Lunch, tastier indeed.

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When you walk into an In-n-Out it's like you're walking into a 50's burger joint. You got all these young folks like in HS or just out of HS and they're all friendly, smiling, and pleasant. They wear this gear from the 50's like white pants, white shirt, and those funny paper Sailor type hats. They all speak English. It's weird compared to going to McDonlads, Jack In the Box, Carls Jr., Taco Bell, Burger King because all you see there are Mexicans talking in Spanish.

I wonder how long before Pelosi and some niggers deduce that In-N-Out is racist because they don't hire any illegals. BTW McDonalds has a flyer posted on the wall that says you can't not hire illegals. It's also posted in the DOJ website. Home » Civil Rights Division » About The Division » Immigrant and Employee Rights Section

Hamburgers are good but they're 390 calories for a single.

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(W)In-N-Out Burger

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I'm craving a 4x4 now.

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