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I really can't believe how white people were brainwashed into accepting more niggers. I mean I'm disgusted just by looking at them.

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It’s because people like you have misclassified the participants, ‘blacks’ arent a color they are subsaharran cannibals who worship voodoo (a religon about eating people) and who produce zero commodities, while ‘whites’ arent a color either, they are caucasians who are omnivores, community builders and commodity producers who’s gods were erased by israel 2000 years ago with a psyop progrom aimed at destroying the Roman Empire, their opposition at the time.

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Exactly, you don't have to know anything about race, biology or anything - just looking at their dumb faces tells you everything you need to know

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The ones who do not deserve it due to rape and were not supporters of nigger enrichment make me sad, though.

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ALL 3 of them!

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Mother nature hates coal burners too

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I thinks actually a Pooh in the loo disease

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burning the coal actually burns

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"Burn the coal"..literally.

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Well that's what you get for letting animals come into you're country un- imposed and rape you're woman. Try to bring a pice of fruit into the country and you're a God damned terrorist.

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The white women who willingly engage in this deserves it. Good stuff.

Africa sure is enriching.

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