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'Can you please send a police for me, please, right now,' Campbell can be heard saying, as the operator asks for her location. 'I have a lady who threatened me a lot,' Campbell claimed. 'I'm not going to argue with no one. She threatened me right now. I need protection.'

This is, AT BEST, second grade level english.

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I have a good hunch I know how she pronounces 'ask'..

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They had to re-shoot three quarters of "The Bodyguard" because Whitney don't like chainsaws

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Finna ax dat beeyatch uh qwestshun naaaagaaa!!

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And shes a fucking senator.

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So you don't need brain, logic or even correct speech to rake in the gov bucks? Brb being a Senator.

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wait.. is she an incumbent???

Can she pronounce incumbent?

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Her mom should have used some protection

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Her mom should have went full Democrat and had an abortion.

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The left elects only their smartest orangutans to office.

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So a black person called the cops on a white person claiming she didn't belong there? Where's the national outrage at the blatant act of racism? Fucking niggers.

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No one has any illusions about colored behavior. The left tries to excuse it, but they aren't surprised or dismayed by it.

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Pretty soon they will be requesting "police" to confiscate white property that they consider threatening.

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True! And also all Black people's words will count as valid ove any White people's defense counterclaims in all arguments where police are called! This will happen once all civil workers and all officials are black, as all cops become non-white as well.

Whitey will have zero rights!

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So never.

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Of course they will, they see it happening in SA which for their sakes is renamed as Wakanda so for it not to get to confussing and will try to reenact what they see on tv....somebody bring back jackass with all the bone crushing stunts.

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They take inspiration from South Africa, but the dynamics in place and the direction they are taking will be remarkably different. Its not because they want this, but its the way our system works, our demographics, different society, et cetera.

I think we will collapse harder than South Africa and far faster, which is scary if you think about it because South Africa collapsed pretty quickly(basically been collapsing for the last 25 years). Our collapse might be delayed, but I'd say all it will take is one really bad presidency of a far-left leader that will put Obama to shame to turn the country upside down.

That is all it takes essentially. I think we need to be careful about the bone crushing stunts, even on a micro-scale some of it might be unavoidable, but generally speaking we should just Palmer Raid the entire left and kick them out to their Communist country of choice. We won't even burden developing economies with them.

The difference between South Africa and North America is that South Africa is a product of NWO policies and what happens with massive NWO abuses and misadventures, while the NWO wants North America to become an "operational" and "functional" NWO multi-cultural "Atlantis." We will see how that will work out, but I expect it will free-fall unlike anything seen before.

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This is what happens when low-intelligence negroes get elected to high office.

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This is what happens when democracy. That’s it. Allowing just anyone to vote for representation means anyone including literal African savages with subhuman IQs can and will end up making decisions for us. See: US presidency 2008-2016

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Yeah elected, more like mandated by (((Dear Leader)))

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Just imagine how these psychopaths will treat people if they actually win elections again.

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Why imagine it, we have years of experience.

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https://archive.fo/bqLod :

Florida Democratic State Senator called 911 on reporter | Daily Mail Online

'A Democratic State Senator who called 911 on a reporter asking questions following a campaign event, claims the journalist threatened her at a North Miami Beach restaurant. ', "I need protection. 'Ms Blaskey was reportedly asking Campbell questions during a question-and-answer session following an event for candidates in the State Senate race.", "Ms Blaskey tweeted about the incident, saying: 'Last time I checked, asking questions at a public forum was allowed ..."

'Earlier this year, Ms Campbell called the police on a reporter who was recording her speaking with members of the Miami Shores council and leaving after a meeting. '

'When Ms Blaskey asked for an interview, she was refused and told to email her questions, the Herald reported. '

This has been an automated message.

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"Also they didn't give me double cheese on my burger, like I axed"

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A story about a triggered nigger?

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A trregroed negro. As in "Pull the tregroes, Negroes."

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Still better than yet another story about a nigger behind the trigger.

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