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These people would censor Galileo

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His work attempts to invalidate the perspectives and experiences of the geocentric community. I have serious PTSD from the thought of the ground moving beneath my feet. It's 1633, I cannot believe we are still having this conversation!

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Brown University has come under fire after censoring its own study on transgender youth, which found that social media and friends can influence teenagers to change their gender identity.

That's absolutely HUGE. Social media is less of just informational overload or propaganda, it is literally a suicide machine. It is literally such a mind fuck that kids begin to question not only sexuality, but basic biological gender. Wow....

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I didn't read the study, but what this means is dependant on what "influence" means - whether it's the cause of the problem or only an awakening or realization of it.

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I think we already knew that this was the case on some level. Is it really a stretch to imagine social media being used as a tool by (((someone))) to literally brainwash people en mass?

You're right though- to see it documented in a scientific study is the confirmation we needed. Gays reproduce through abuse and social media.

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That's literally the opposite of the scientific method.

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That's why Brown's primary renown is being a Feminist College and not a scientific powerhouse.

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Science is. Science is not. Science becomes. Science is nothing.

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and excessive use of Tumblr, immediately preceding their child becoming gender dysphoric

Well there's your problem.

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Social Media turns people into faggots. Who'd a thought?

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MKULTRA goes viral...

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Brown must be afraid of everyone finding out all trannies are batshit crazy. I hate to break it to them but its too late for that.

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They're afraid people will find out the answer is "keep your kids away from Jew media and they won't even know trannies exist, much less want to be one"

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^ best answer.

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we are in a new dark ages =/

because truth its no longer relevant in our society

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Take that back! You're hurting my feelings!!

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hang on.. we'll have to consult the Ministry of Truth to check about that...

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