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They need to start putting bounties on illegals and gangsters.

Then deputize the armed pedes!

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Shock troops!

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Once you bring money into the equation crime will sort itself out.

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Los Viagras?... I bet these hombres are hard... the hardest!

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a leading member of Los Viagras Cartel

LOS VIAGRAS! Bahahahahahaha

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Huh. I wonder who/what the writer knows to get that sort of rapid response from TPTB?

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These are the people we will be fighting in the future. We'll need to conquer part of Mexico to get them to shut up and to ensure that the Mexican government does not use them as a third-party or to at least say well if you can't take care of them we will.

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Hey I have a great idea! Let's welcome in millions of these shit water 3rd world mouth breathers into our country and just say fuck it to all the progress made by white people over the last 100 years

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Give him a free helicopter tour of the Gulf of Mexico.