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1 ) South Africa Exempts Zulu Lands From Confiscation Scheme , ZeroHedge , Posted on : August 28 , 2018 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-28/rand-spikes-south-africa-withdraws-land-confiscation-bill

2 ) South Africa: ANC Has Not “Abandoned Farm Seizures after Trump Tweet” , The New Observer , Posted on : August 29 , 2018 http://newobserveronline.com/south-africa-anc-has-not-abandoned-farm-seizures-after-trump-tweet/#comment-35933

3 ) South Africa’s Zulu Lands Exempted From Black Confiscation Plans , Right of the Right , Posted on : August 29 , 2018 https://rightoftheright.com/south-africas-zulu-lands-exempted-from-black-confiscation-plans/

4 ) As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules 300,000 Gun-Owners Turn Over Their Weapons , ZeroHedge , Posted on : August 29 , 2018 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-28/land-confiscations-loom-south-africa-rules-300000-gun-owners-turn-over-their

5 ) South Africa Replaces ‘Land Grab’ Bill With Something Worse , Conservative Dailey Post , Posted on : August 29 , 2018 https://conservativedailypost.com/south-africa-replaces-land-grab-bill-with-something-worse/

6 ) Theresa May Endorses Race-Based Land Redistribution in South Africa , Moonbattery , Posted on : August 29 , 2018 https://moonbattery.com/theresa-may-endorses-race-based-land-redistribution-in-south-africa/

7 ) South Africa Faces Ethnic Cleansing While the West Screams ‘Conspiracy Theory’ , Independent Sentinel , Posted on : August 29 , 2018 http://www.independentsentinel.com/south-africa-faces-ethnic-cleansing-while-the-west-screams-conspiracy-theory/

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Reuters put out a very misleading headline saying SA had abandoned a plan to confiscate white-owned farms a couple days ago. The actual article says the plan that was abandoned was from 2016 and included compensation for the farmers. In other words, it was old news.

(((They))) simply put it out to confuse people who only read headlines, so they'd think the racist land confiscation thing wasn't real. Fake news indeed.

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Exactly and you'd be surprised how many conservative bloggers have fallen for it.

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First, the "compensation" is one-tenth of the value of the land. Always. If the white cracker does not accept, they can go to the law.

The Constitutional stealing was retracted by Trump's tweet.

Does not matter. The government will do / and is supporting the slaughtering of them.

This is just (mind) games. The white folk will be killed or driven off.

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The Constitutional stealing was retracted by Trump's tweet.

No, it wasn't. That was fake news.

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Basically theyre going to either kill the farmers then take their land or just wait until Trump is no longer president. Any other Republican would have turned the blind eye.

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These sneaky fucking fake news mother fuckers.

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They'll just pick it up by finding ways to suicided the residents and owners of the farms they are trying to confiscate, because that is their real intention anyways.

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Lets import the Boers.

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Haven't you heard? Hard-working white refugees are terribly unfashionable.

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Didn't you see the EFF nigger, that cunt is out to kill people no matter what.

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Fake news happens on both sides as both sides are viewed as the same. The only reason political ideology is taken into account is to format a narrative that speaks to their bias.
But don't take my word for it: https://imgoat.com/uploads/b8619251a1/129388.png

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