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Imagine getting killed because some grandma used hotmail to exchange classified emails with her Saudi lesbian lover.

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Well, also because you are working as a criminal for a foreign government in China.

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Don't be pushing the Ineptitude Limited Hangout because that is how 9/11 was COVERED UP.

Everything that traitorous bitch did was intentional and carefully planned.

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Make tax-deductible checks payable to: The Clinton Foundation.

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feeling bad for paid Chinese zog-bot traitors

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Certainly not me.

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Hotmail would've been more secure. It was a shitty Microsoft Exchange server.

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Hillary should be in prison for the rest of her ugly life!

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The rope

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As long as Hillary dies in panic, fearing for her life. She should go out like Qaddafi did.

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I'm thinking gitmo. She could use some enhanced interrogation.

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Helicopter rides come a free 10 foot rope.

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Yeah, you keep her in prison until you can finish tying the rope. He didn't say the rest of her natural life.

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Come on guys, it's just 20 more people dead because of Hillary, I mean, "at this point what difference does it make?"

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Careless handling a classified information could certainly fall under this legislation.


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Stupid is as stupid does.

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They didn't "hack" it, they were granted access after dozens and dozens of little gifts like these: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chinese-company-pledged-2-million-to-clinton-foundation-in-2013/

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And by "penetrate" they mean "had purchased the access codes for".

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It's great news and all that but can we ever get breaking news like this from a source that I can actually use in an online argument without being ridiculed.

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It's great news and all that but can we ever get breaking news like this from a source that I can actually use in an online argument without being ridiculed.

I'm going out on a limb and guess that this might be because Clinton's email being the source of the leak (as opposed to one of the many double agents arrested in the last few years —Katrina Leung, Ron Rockwell Hansen, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, Kevin Mallory, Candance Marie Claiborne, etc) has not been confirmed by any official source.

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Holy moly this is old news...

The best part is the NSA and the rest of the DoD/US Cyber Intelligence community (hi US DoD trolls!) knew all about it! Wooo!

There's Hillary's servers, but then there's also the OPM's servers that were "hacked" because they were running outdated Windows. The OPM (HR for the US Gov't) stores everyone's files digitally. So if you're working covertly for the CIA, NSA, or whatever, yeah... that shit's gone. Allegedly. Or, as I said before, that shit could have been a false flag to get the OPM to upgrade their shit and really been a cover-up for the fact that Hillary's servers were the ones hacked. Thing is... they were hacked by eeeveryone. Remember Guccifer? The guy from Eastern Europe the US extradited and threw in prison? Even he had a copy. So does every country in the world.

But China is "Enemy #1" right now so I guess we need this in the news right now?

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when 98% of the American public have no idea this happened it's very far from OLD NEWS

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Even most Republican voters don't know about the Clinton crime cartel, so I don't know that that's really fair. I can find some sources for you...


Funny how I mentioned this all 3 days ago in passing just because someone posted a story and today it's all over the news. But I'll be back.

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But China is "Enemy #1"

It depends. Remember when ZTE violated US sanctions and was banned for 7 years, but Trump spent inordinate amounts of effort to have the ban lifted? Coincidentally when Ivanka got granted trademarks rights in China. Apparently pushing her daughter's products (not produced in the US, mind you, but exempt from tariffs, of course) is more important than the security of the nation.

(And if you think that Chinese electronics aren't a security threat, you really know nothing about IT.)

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Still sounds like diversion from Seth Rich and the DNC emails being a leak and not a hack.

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Very good point. Guccifer did "confess" under "enhanced interrogation" (aka torture), I'm sure. So how the fuck can anyone take that seriously. I'd have to go back and read the sources. It's been years.

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