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Stuff from Voat and /pol/ do eventually reach the general public like South African white genocide and Google search bias. That's two back to back wins and it would have continued to be ignored by the media had Trump not tweeted about.

It's refreshing to finally feel like we are getting some real representation from the government on issues important to us.

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The only reason why it came to the attention of the general population was because of Trump. If we didn't have a president that browsed 8chan and voat all day we wouldn't be making any progress.

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lol dont be a retard, i doubt trump has ever been on voat, and probably not 8ch, maybe 4chan tho....he found out about the south african white genocide from tucker carlson, who has a whole team of young interns who browse the internet for him bringing stories from 8ch, voat and 4ch

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Trump watched Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson watched Lauren Southern’s documentary

Lauren Southern watched alt-right media

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I'd believe someone in trump administration is lurking or posting here on voat and the chans. They can't be so ignorant that they don't know what these sites are. I found them pretty easily so i'd think the people working for government intelligence would find them. Theoretically these sites would be the best way for them to reach there base.

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One sad reason is that there are only about 20 non-left non-centrist web sites remaining!

Therefore fresh 'outrageous' news originating from voat gets far more attention in recent weeks from outlets like DrudgeReport and POTUS twitter , Brietbart, and Alex Jones, once it grass-roots originates here on voat or /pol/

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Probably a good sign that if Voat is getting paid attention to by bigger names like Breitbart, infowars, or oven POTUS then that can be leveraged in really beneficial ways for us.

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This needs to be used as evidence of the up coming court case against google

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If directors were allowed to deviate from shareholder wealth maximization, they would inevitably turn to indeterminate balancing standards, which provide no accountability. As a result, directors could be tempted to pursue their own self-interest.

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They are private. The laws need to be changed if we want to hold them accountable. Otherwise they should be free to show whatever they want.

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NO LAW CHANGES NEEDED. There are past US supreme court rulings regarding trespassing political speech on a private property being allowed if the private property is a de facto monopoly of the target listeners ears.

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Marsh v Alabama, 1946.

Nothing really needs to be changed, that precedent needs to be applied to Jewgle, Kikebook etc.

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Corporations are private, but they are also a privileged class of limited liability, granted by government, and as such they are held to a higher standard of behavior with privileges related to property also equally restricted by government. Property is a legal definition, and there is more than one kind, and it is also defined by government.

In law, government has complete authority and control over corporations - this is an undisputed legal fact - cemented in case histories through the Supreme Court. Trump can halt trading and seize the company any time he pleases with a single sentence from his pen.

There is no need to change any laws. The existing laws are very clear, and Google is deliberately breaking them. It's not like Google doesn't have lawyers. They know what the law says, and they know they are violating that law on purpose. It doesn't matter why. The government has full authority to do whatever it wants to in such cases.

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Someone should make a recursive mirror copy of the Entire Blog, in case it was phase one of Google's deletion actions.

And Paul Kersey should get off any Google services and migrate to a free speech platform.

Or SBPDL should participate on voat's free speech black crime oriented sections :

1 > https://voat.co/v/niggers/

2 > https://voat.co/v/blackcrimes

3 > https://voat.co/v/blackonwhitecrime

4> https://voat.co/v/nigger

5> https://voat.co/v/coonshire

6> https://voat.co/v/coontown

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How would one go about doing that? I have some time to kill.

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  • Command line (aka your most powerful option): wget. Can spoof browsers, borrow authentication, share cookies, and mirror entire websites
  • Built in: Firefox has a "save page as html, complete" function that saves a page and all prereqs locally, but doesn't save anything dynamically loaded.
  • Standalone program: Httrack. Open source, cross platform, can mirror entire sites

This process is fast and webpages are small. Archive everything even mildly interesting as you would be surprised what you figured was 'tame enough' but disappears anyway.

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I know you can save webpages to your harddrive, I used to save as .mht about 15 years back, so the page was self contained. (If I saved as other format, it would save page and accompanying files separately, and I could not open it locally)

Another, more rudimentary way is to create screenshots of pages, as you scroll or whatever, so you get the complete page. Then save locally and upload to free speech image host like imgoat.

I don't know the current methods for saving pages, nor the preferred format. I assume its not mht any more.

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And you thought your up vote posts didn't matter...

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I want to see stuffjewsmalegenitalmutilations being on page one.

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I'll take "times Jews betrayed their allies or patron nations" for 1000?

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Nationalize Google. NSA already made spying a utility

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Google already is nationalized. The government created it and continues to control it.

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Nationalize...did you just fucking hear yourself?

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Alphabet's major shareholdres are the same bolshevik kikes who cheer on nationalization of assets in far away lands like Venezuela and South Africa.

It would be fun to watch the hymies scramble in court to save themselves from their own rhetoric.

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/s... thought it was implied

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Why not an official Government blog to protect free speech? Be more effective than the First Amendment!

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Because anything Government promises, Government can renig.

Like the original Social Security trust fund that was confiscated to pay for the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Today, SS is a ponzi scheme propped up by immediate taxation; we will never see a cent of our "contributions."

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That's good, because that is the best archive of black on white crime there probably is. Thousands of cases a year, sometimes very brutal. 7-8 black on white murders per week FBI crime stats. And yet we hear nothing!

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Nice fat Streisand effect there. I think I've only ever visited that site once, years ago.

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