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It's insane how over represented the Jew is in our Ivy league institution. They have wholly taken it over through dishonesty and nepotism.

Despite only being 1.7% of the population, they are 66% of the Harvard graduate students. How does that happen?

They are up to 1400% over represented in the best schools in America, based on population size (as opposed to based on test scores).

Despite the fact that they are less than 6% of high performing high school students.

Seriously, they have overtaken ALL of our institutions. and there is a simple reason for this. Jews do not work. Jews only administrate others and their resources.

Also, the high Jewish IQ is basically a myth. The numbers used by Charles Murray were skewed by a full SD (~15) because the study he used for Jewish IQ was a tampered study because the tester chose only the most gifted individuals. Jews are not that smart. They are just completely alright with being dishonest. They are evil and greedy, and are the most nepotistic people in the world and have been shown in a study to have the highest in group preference in the United States.

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Thanks for the chart, and the links. These were the missing pieces for the puzzle I've been assembling.

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Post it here when done, ok?

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I had to visit the Oracle for these links.

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Do you have sources on these for me to show to jews? I really want to show this stuff to jews with sources, especially that the jews faked their IQ numbers and that the real jewish average is much lower than 115.

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Hey man, I contacted Poseidon for the links to the Jewish IQ myth. Here's what he gave me. I have not read them yet, busy doing school work.



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This guy Poseidon knows, I have heard him talk about it on live streams. I have asked him to make videos, but I think he tries to keep his video normie friendly. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzkfwSL_psLIGVPEZ0pl6-Q

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Your shitty "myth" link is not sourced. Neither is your shitty link claiming they only are 6% of top performers. Even if the IQ is false they have three strong factors that lead to their success. Family cohesion being one. They have possibly the highest two parent household ratio of any demographic. They also culturally very heavily value success. The last one is strong communal bonds via synagogue which provides for strong professional contacts.

Mormons succeed at high rates for all three of these reasons as well.

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strong communal bonds via synagogue

That is just part of their tribal nepotism, but do non-religious jews perform less than those who attend synagoge? No, their affiliation is not just religious, it's ethnic. You have a valid point about family cohesion and cultural values, but if that would be all there is to it, you'd expect Asians to outperform them.

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User is autistic faggot from Soapboxbanhammer, opinion disregarded.

Just look how hard he sucks that kike dick. You're a worthless cuck, go get fucked by a black nigger bull or whatever you do.

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It seems collusion and corruption is a worthwhile investment for israelis who want to upset other cultures that are beholden to their 2000 year old mossad psyop progrom of a fake god called ‘jesus’...

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Jews hate Christians though.

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Infiltrated them and then lowered their value by turning empirical studies into pseudosciences. An Ivy League degree is worth less than Enron stock.

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Ok then we need to take back science then. Get to it mofo. Go learn calc and physics on youtube.

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I mean most would just go for a book. Everything has to be in video format now though for the tards.

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I can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic.

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Not if you are a female and/or a subsaharran cannibal who is given one for smiling and posing and then given a government job that is actually not even work...

Or if you are an israeli who is trying to keep a rein on a potentially competitive culture...

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Nothing prevents whites from taking PSAT training courses too. It is real easy. Hell, you don't even need to take a class. Just grab a book of practice tests, time yourself taking the test. Take note of the questions you missed. Learn how to correctly figure those questions out.

I remember how the SAT crowd used to say over & over again that practice doesn't help you in those exams. But I don't believe that to be true. Practicing math. Practicing the form of questions you will get. Practicing working with a clock. Knowing simple test taking strategies all will benefit you when it comes time to take the test, just like practicing anything else helps you to become better at it. This is far better than going in cold.

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Now anyone can study for the SAT and should if they want to get scholarship money.

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And by anyone, they mean blacks and latinos, who are given free bonus points.

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Also helps to not be east asian or white. Or male.

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He fucking bribed people with hot dogs and fucking root beer. Jews gotta Jew, the cheap fucks.

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Decent website, but they are REALLY against White Ancestral Paganism. Which is suspicious.

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Kaplan isn't cheating on the SAT, any more than any other test coaching service is. Also, figuring out how to work smart rather than hard is a Hallmark of intelligence. Rag on the Jews all you want, but this is a bit silly.

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It is possible to work smart, but jews use nepotism to secure their positions. This is incrediblly harmful to our institutions where merit and talent are genuinely needed.

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Cheating jews... You wouldn't have thought it possible

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