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If you have time for that.

They have at max 10 years to do something, then those people wil enter policeforce, healthcare and other similar jobs.. Maybe those foriners will treat native germans the same as their own, but this is very unlikely. I rather not even imagine what will be with eldery people and no one to protect them.


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then those people wil enter policeforce.

There is a memoryholed "scandal" that memebers of mud family clans are staying away from crime to become inside sources by joining the police forece but its not a recent thing "big bad Nazis" been saying that since the 90s.


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Verdammt, your English is even worse than mine :) What you are saying is true, yes. I guess is intrinsic property for every clan-prone nation, and there are several of those unfortunally.

What I can tell you first hand from my country is, that in 2015 they were trafficked --> it was just an illussion that they came spontaneously, made by extreme censorship on all their route. I know how things work where I live and it was well too much organised. My friend saw that summer, I think late August, a convoy of around 20 buses on our autobahn, at 3:30AM at night, first and last bus had lights, others completely dark with lights switched off and full of these "refugees" heading to Germany. That means someone in Germany has to find exact trace of the money, who was paying for this traffiking and sure as hell it was paid from target destination.