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This is why you don't let your government do this. It's a lot harder to get rid of them when you already have an infestation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

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Let has nothing to do about it, you don't "let" the governments of this world do anything, they do what they want.

Don't believe me? Just stop paying your taxes and see how voluntary the system is.

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We all let them collectively, it's the social contract. If enough of us tear it up it's called revolt and it has happened many times. The government really doesn't want that and will do a lot to put a stop to it. You forget that we outnumber them by a lot.

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Organize and have balls.

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2nd amendment protects the rest, m8.

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It depends on how well you are connected, that’s why the term “laws” is a misnomer, man can only create rules, as laws don’t have exceptions...

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When your children are prisoners, your women are prostitutes, and your men are out of work

you will have revolution.

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If you have time for that.

They have at max 10 years to do something, then those people wil enter policeforce, healthcare and other similar jobs.. Maybe those foriners will treat native germans the same as their own, but this is very unlikely. I rather not even imagine what will be with eldery people and no one to protect them.

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then those people wil enter policeforce.

There is a memoryholed "scandal" that memebers of mud family clans are staying away from crime to become inside sources by joining the police forece but its not a recent thing "big bad Nazis" been saying that since the 90s.

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Yea, maybe a century ago, but with tech doing all the stasi's spying for them, they'll be ready to mobilize the police and military when the revolution comes.

[–] bb22 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Military and police tend to be conservative, and if not, then they’re soy and trannies and real men can still destroy them. Not everything is a fucking computer going “beep” and “boop,” at least not yet.

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No one fears death!

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Actually I don't remember any time in history when so many countries did this to their own people. We are in uncharted territory.

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That is a fucking SHAME. Angela Merkel's head on a pike! That's a good start.

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Maybe, but then the next puppet comes along with even more strings.

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We find the source. Snake's head. Chop it off. EZPZ, except for the actual finding part I guess.

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The Somalian physicists and Zimbabwean astronauts need to be deported right now or there won't be a Europe in 50 years.

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by 2030-2050.

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Well, do something about it, or quit bitching. Voting for Merkel hasn’t helped you much.

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Voting doesn't do much... Time to think of alternatives one your "representative" gov with control over the electoral process leaves few options.

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I can confirm that at least in Canada voting is a waste of time. You get to choose between super liberal, mega liberal and hyper liberal. Canadians are as brainwashed as Californians.

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Even the purple haired land whales are starting to get on board.

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Finally making a call between "muh feminism" and "muh diversity", are they?

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I find it hilarious how in conflict those two ideologies are. In fact, it seems obvious that modern feminism is only designed specifically to target white men. It is never about protecting women. It is about destroying Western civilization and the landwhales took it hook, line and sinker.

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Does not compute

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Thanks Jews !!!

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@gabara says you're welcome

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Sad for the German's... But why the fuck does she have purple fucking hair and tattoos up to her neck? I'm willing to wager that in the not to distant past she welcomed the invaders with open arms thinking that diversity is a strength and they are good people who will make us better... Too little too late is most likely the case with Germany...

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Too little too late is most likely the case with Germany...

Unless they stand up and start physical removal. Including removal of government officals

[–] Maddmartigan 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Yeah, but that will never happen... Too many normies, brainwashed and cucked... The German people divided against each other shall fall

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Then the World Jewish Congress will make sure that the new Germany is invaded and liberated by the world police. Just like they did with Hitler and the NSDAP. Heck they might even throw a second holohoax story in there too.

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she opened the invaders with open arms

Try open legs. I know these feminists they decry toxic masculinity but open their legs for alpha males.

Sigh. German women were world famous for their beauty. Just goes to show to never let feminism flourish.

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