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It's amazing to me to think of the royal family allowing this to happen. I hold them in no esteem, mind you... but at least one of them must buy into feeling some sense of responsibility, or even just sentimentality for their BS position. Their reputation.

It's over. They allowed the downfall, and short of disbanding their government and calling for the ousting of the infection they welcomed, the "royal family" will not only end soon, but will go down as the enemy, betraying supposedly their own people.

It's amazing to think about. I don't envy the children in that family.. I imagine things are going to be uniquely harsh for them.

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I used to feel the same until the latest wedding... to an actress... that just adopted two kids... and they'll ALL be on a new Netflix reality series called Meet the Royals.

Except the Queen Mum.

I'm seriously starting to wonder if we're all watching a play to distract us as we're being marched to slaughter.

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I think the distraction in all these types of things is real. Hell even this site hast some >60% distraction on /all at odd times. How would journos, or in general the types of things that get written, come to out or get this story or 'truth'fact aka inside info? They just playing us like stupid creating a lot of noize to distract us all at all times, hell even laying breadcrumbs hear and there (maybe to laugh harder as it also kinda distracts us). Be it soccer worldcup are any type of bullshit... I dont know man, maybe Ive gotten over-sceptical

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why? are you surprised?

the jewish plan is to remove all European DNA from the globe/lower the average IQ to like 85 to create their slave force. European mean stand in their way.

i guess most people dont realize that the royal family is Jewish.

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'the "royal family" will not only end soon, but will go down as the enemy'

Brits are only a few hundred years behind on that.

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When you realise that all European monarchs other than a few have been removed by Jews then you will realise the mafia at play. The royals of these countries were forced out by their parliaments mainly.

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tell that to King Charles

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Maybe some blackmail involved.

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No one cares about ethnic minorities and Christians in the Middle-East. Its like how much they care for the Boers in South Africa. These are probably two of the most overlooked and marginalized groups in the world, if we take everything into account.

You have Boers getting beaten up with batons and other things like that and Christians in the Middle-East having their heads cut off quite often. Most people believe we should stay out of the Middle-East, but its fine to do it when its done for a "humanitarian" reason, when its Israel, or when oil is involved.

I think the real clincher is that intervention in the Middle-East is to spread the products of our liberal and multi-cultural societies. its the edge of the cliff when it comes to revealing how stupid and backwards the "diversification" project of the left in fact is. It would be ideal if a large sector of the Middle-East was one massive state run by the Alawites.

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I would be hunting down the folks responsible for that policy decision and getting rid of them.

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The UK prefers getting run over, raped or knifed to being told they're lost.

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Its crazy how there are still retards complaining about Chaldeans all over Voat while were awash in a literal plague of Muslims all over the west

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Britain backed those people responsible for the creation of Saudi Arabia and the ideologies that it exports, so why is it then a surprise when the government remains the same on it's goals nearly 140 years later? Rothschild's had control then, and they still do now. They even have a second state which was promised to them in 1917, and then established in 1947. Britain guaranteed this as well. They create this conflict in their own states to propose their intended solutions.

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Britbong Londonistan meme is real !

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They want the garbage for destruction.

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Like any other Western country, they only want to take in Muslims. Now well, the Plan should be implemented, shouldn't it?

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