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criminals who destroyed state property at UNC and police who did nothing will be held accountable

finally some good news

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That's the biggest issue is when assholes get away with this horseshit it just encourages them. If the student perpetrators face expulsion, if the professor perpetrators face termination, the campus won't have to deal with this again in the future.

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Should be expelled no doubt. Jail them for a bit too.

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The cops are supposed to bust heads when vigilantes show up. WTF is the problem these days? Just letting niggers loot and rampage against injustice that DOES NOT EXIST! These little snowflakes (and the filthy, stupid, nigger parasites they've been BRAINWASED into thinking they love, need to LEARN that THEY are NOT in charge! Wishes and delusions are NOT facts. You support evil, you ARE evil (Bible). TONS of liberals will be surprised to find themselves in hell one day. Conservatives too for that matter, but for different sins. The one thing BOTH have in common is unrepentance AND thinking WAY TOO MUCH of themselves.

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Is vigilantes the right word?

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The article calls them "activists". I call them "worthless vandals".

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No, and “exist” in the phrase “does not exist” does not make sense in the context of the rest of the sentence.

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Yes. Anyone who takes the law into their own hands to destroy life and/or property is a vigilante. Vandals do it for no reason whatsoever.

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You see that same UNC commie professor that calls himself "redneck" there. They all wear red bandanas around their neck and flash guns. Same guy that caused the chain reaction crash that caused the fat chick to heart attack in Virginia.

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Good catch. I hope they nail him as a criminal subversive.

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It’s state law. Same as in Virginia. These monuments are not up by local authority, but state authority as protected historical monuments. Unless they change state law (unlikely), they’re committing a crime.

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North Carolina seceded from the union and joined the Confederacy. This is a historical fact. Students, who were citizens of their STATE, dropped their studies and took up arms to defend their state and their school. Many died. This monument honors their sacrifice.

If the Chancellor wants to demean and subvert the memory of the students who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect their state, the state that funds this university, then the Chancellor is completely morally unfit to be Chancellor there.

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criminals who destroyed state property at UNC and police who did nothing will be held accountable

I won't hold my breath.

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"Silent Sam has long been a target for activists on campus." Activists?

They sound like petty fucking vandals to me.

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Long been a target for ignorant dupes, bent on emotion and false pretense.

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W-wow, unexpected response.

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Southerners don’t appreciate monuments to their war dead being yanked down by communists.

Even after all the Charlottesville propaganda, polls showed that about 60% of Virginians wanted the monuments left up. That’s a pretty big margin.

Btw Corey Stewart is running against Tim Kaine on preserving these monuments and the left here is going nuts about it.

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Get rid of all professors involved.

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Funny thing... UNC is sitting on a parcel of land that was donated by a family who supported the Confederacy, should they take a wrecking ball to it?

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