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I have no kids and have no plans to have children yet I constantly think about the world I'm going to leave behind for others. In some ways it's actually the cause of mine many others depression, to know you're leaving behind something that was worse than what you had. I don't know how boomers live with themselves, I barely can. I think alot about how were rapidly depleting crop soil of it's nutrients. About how were destroying historical legacies like statues and stories. About how our Government and legal system has grown so out of control that we're a lot closer to gulags and death squads than people will admit. About how were declining in IQ thanks to horrible toxins like lead, Monsanto products and corn.

I don't even have kids and I think about what the hell kind of world were leaving them with. They would do this shit even if Merkel had children, because they are just evil and never learned empathy.


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Get mad, not sad.