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Yeah, i think this has more to do with May securing access to some of those sweet, sweet mineral rights that will be up for grabs once the nigger king has booted the bothersome whites off his mineral rich land. This has nothing to do with nigger reparations. Nothing to do with apartheid. It has EVERYTHING to do with global corporations wanting access to the mineral rich lands the Boers inhabit. Africa is up for grabs. The Chinese are wayyyyy ahead of the game in controlling and exploiting the continent. Now, the other sharks are arriving to carve up the place and gobble up what they can..... If the last few decades have told us anything it is that the Boers dont stand a chance. They are simply in the way.

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The best thing they can do is move to Orania and try to keep out of the way, since they can't win against the globalists. They can put up a fight and they can die fighting, but they cannot win.

It's saddening to say it, but reality is what it is.