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Theresa May is a childless NWO stooge and she is doing her best to scuttle Brexit. She has no reason to care about what the world will be like after she is dead and buried. The same with Merkel and Macron - no kids. Europe needs to elect leaders who have children so they think about what their policies will do to their progeny far down the road.

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May has been friends with Merkel since they were teens.

This shit has been planned for decades.

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Merkel grew up in the former East Germany. The wall fell in 1989. Merkel was born in 1954 and May in 1956, making Merkel 35 years old & May 33 years old when the wall came down. How would she have been friends with May as teens? Do you have any reputable sources for that assertion?

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You should be REQUIRED to have children to work in politics. These childless EU oligarchs have no concern for the future.

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scuttle Brexit

Light bulb moment right there. She is helping destroy the UK to such an extent that they would have no choice but to stay in the EU just to keep afloat.

But why?

So one of the EU's pillars falls and drags the rest of the EU with it? So they have to follow the rule of Merkel? So they have no choice but to accept their own genocide under EU direction?

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I have no kids and have no plans to have children yet I constantly think about the world I'm going to leave behind for others. In some ways it's actually the cause of mine many others depression, to know you're leaving behind something that was worse than what you had. I don't know how boomers live with themselves, I barely can. I think alot about how were rapidly depleting crop soil of it's nutrients. About how were destroying historical legacies like statues and stories. About how our Government and legal system has grown so out of control that we're a lot closer to gulags and death squads than people will admit. About how were declining in IQ thanks to horrible toxins like lead, Monsanto products and corn.

I don't even have kids and I think about what the hell kind of world were leaving them with. They would do this shit even if Merkel had children, because they are just evil and never learned empathy.

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Get mad, not sad.

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How the fuck do they keep getting away with directly supporting white genocide, oh that's right, THE FUCKING KIKES!!!!! Gas the kikes, hang the niggers fucking race war NOW! This legitimately pisses me right the fuck off.

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Yeah, i think this has more to do with May securing access to some of those sweet, sweet mineral rights that will be up for grabs once the nigger king has booted the bothersome whites off his mineral rich land. This has nothing to do with nigger reparations. Nothing to do with apartheid. It has EVERYTHING to do with global corporations wanting access to the mineral rich lands the Boers inhabit. Africa is up for grabs. The Chinese are wayyyyy ahead of the game in controlling and exploiting the continent. Now, the other sharks are arriving to carve up the place and gobble up what they can..... If the last few decades have told us anything it is that the Boers dont stand a chance. They are simply in the way.

Edit: spelling

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The best thing they can do is move to Orania and try to keep out of the way, since they can't win against the globalists. They can put up a fight and they can die fighting, but they cannot win.

It's saddening to say it, but reality is what it is.

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what a fucking cunt. Is she going to set up gas chambers for the whites? Euthanasia is just a compassionate thing after all.

She's going to look good in rope.

Oh and every single home owner in Britain better get a fucking clue. Morons.

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she's a fucking kike...what do you expect.

she fucking loves israel though

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If there was anytime to uss the rope. Now would be it.

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I imagine the USS The Rope, is just this big naval vessel with nothing but gallows on board the deck. And it just goes around the world hanging the evil bastards.

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Dump all the dead bodies into the ocean where the pressure would crush them. Something needs to happen to these people. They can't live and die without facing any justice. Its just wrong

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For fuck sake. Things in S Africa are about to fall off a cliff when they finally tank what is left of their white propped economy. They will seize land and thing will go from bad to apocalyptic real quick - why the fuck are we blowing 50 million on youth unemployment?

The country is fucked because of decades of poor corrupt rule by blacks who have zero long term thinking and only act in their immediate interests, like giving acres of farmland to their supporters who let it become overgrown.

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Ignorant or wilfully malevolent? Judging by her historical ignorance of Muslim aggression and how quickly it has taken over nations who even knows at this point? Perhaps she is just a clueless puppet.

I think I will just go with witch. She would have been burnt at the stake a few hundred years ago.

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Interestingly, most women burned during the Spanish Inquisition we race traitors, they just called them "witches".

They hunted down women who cooperated with the muslim invaders. The Inquisition was to hunt down and remove the last of the muslim hold outs.

[–] Silencedmajor 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Well that's fascinating. Never heard this before. Any sources you recommend?

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