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  • In order to prevent bullying, cameras are installed in showers
  • Teachers to sit in with children showering to prevent bullying
  • Teachers allowed to shower with children
  • More democrats are becoming teachers (ie, we need to spend more on Education!)

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teachers are already democrats

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My comment does not conflict with your observation!

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Orgy porgy

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you are a true visionary .

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Children must sit on teachers while showering.

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I would not send my kids there and if I had to they would not be taking gym. Also this pervert judge needs to know he's not welcome anytime, anywhere.

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I would not be surprised if this pervert judge has skeletons in his closet. Where's 8ch to investigate this?

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They would threaten to take you're kids I bet. You would have to go private school.

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The ruling almost sounded like a parody. For children to “see or be seen by someone of the opposite biological sex while either are undressing or performing bodily functions in a restroom, shower, or locker room does not give rise to a constitutional violation,” claimed radical U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez.

fucking beaner judge.

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Almost sounds like it's OK for pedos to watch children take a shower, I would suggest that they reword that but I know it's what (((they))) want.

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It's fine guys just get a local Catholic priest to supervise the whole thing.

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Today is the beginning of the end for state sponsored schools and women in the work place. Time to end both and slaughter all who oppose or refuse to implement women’s return to hearth and home, care for kith and kin.

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Destroy the structure indoctrinating women to give up their happiness and they'll return there on their own. Nearly every woman already desires, is biologically driven towards a traditional role... that's why it's traditional. It's not a social construct, it's a biological one. White people generally do the right thing when they're not constantly being told to do the wrong thing.

It's the same with many, many problems in society. It's a ball rolled up the side of a hill- not a natural state, it constantly wants to roll down, requiring constant work to keep it there. Change will come like an avalanche if you weaken the people pushing the ball...

The hard part will not be changing things back, that will almost happen entirely on its own. The hard part is making sure the cockroaches can't scurry off to hide and wait and try again in another generation.

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well said.


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I would agree with you if it is ever a forced compliance issue.

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One argument more for homeschooling.

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I've never seen someone use a school's locker room shower after gym.


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Good . Because I have always thought , what a weird idea , preteens showering at school. Hmmmm.. I wonder why? it's an outdated idea with a lot of pitfalls.

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Really? That seems weird. Didn’t people sweat and get dirty at your school? Showering at the end of PE was standard practice from 6th grade to 10th grade (when the PE requirement was over) when I went to school. I cannot imagine getting back in normal school clothes to finish the day and not showering first, actually. That would be nasty.

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I think the after-school sportsball teams used it at my school.

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I imagine a deluge of "confused" boys on the girls locker room.

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I know . Lol

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