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A quick search on DDG revealed that the hearing they were supposed to go to was part of their ongoing divorce case and that they had just had a hearing the day before, there was a custody dispute and this was a domestic disturbance that turned deadly - murder/suicide. This happened last March at her house, they didn't live together. He showed up, threatened her outside, she asked a neighbor to call the police, they arrived too late. I don't like HRC, but we need to keep it real, folks.

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Makes me wonder what he is trying to slide?

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Except that you are a member for 1 month using a Liberal tactic of attack and criticize and ridicule but offer no evidence or substance to refute what I wrote.

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Don't ignore the angle that Family Court is deep state

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How about this angle . The deep state used his custody case to kill him and this goy knows all about it FCLU.org family law is the deep state

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Plausible, except the neighbor witnessed it. How about they found some sort of leverage to get him to do it? I am open to other possibilities.

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This could be possible, except a neighbor witnessed it. I'm still open to the leverage idea or maybe something else. And there is still the lack of HRC connection here, he was not set to testify against her.

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Is this half a year old news? If so it should be in WHATEVER, not "News"

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Compared to the 1360's, this is news, though.

You ageist, piece of shit.

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Did you know about it ? No? Why? Cuz censorship. It's obviously news because nobody said they already heard about it

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Downvoat this and block Kikey Mckikerstein and his faggot 1 month old account, disinfo

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Obvious disinformation. Clintons have enough skeletons in there closet why make up fake ones?


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I wouldn't say this is fake. An FBI agent about to testify died and was being tortured just like Alex Jones myself and millions of other Americans in deep state Family Court . You would though. are you a lawyer ? That would make sense as to why you want to cover this up and bury it

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OP is a kike shill spewing bullshit disinformation. No indication whatsoever other than this site's claim that he was supposed to testify against Clinton. No source other than "Neon Nettle", which nobody seems to have heard of.

Just another heeb attempt at spewing bullshit to make their enemies look stupid.

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I'm glad people are finally getting wise to this technique.

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First of all, your all caps title is a fucking outright lie. Says in the article that the police were there at the time of the incident and told the agent to put his gun down. That means he was found ALIVE. Jackass. Learn to fucking read.

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Oh, he can read.

(((Shill))) is just used to redddit where NOBODY checks facts, sources, or for that matter even reads the article.

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Fake news is fake

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more fake news.

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