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OH MY GOD. Is this for real? Holy mother of fucking God, if I were the Chinese, I'd just get the fuck out of there. No hope for people like that.

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Don't misunderstand the Chinese.

They (as a people) are not the humanitarians like westerners. They care only to plunder the resources and the labor force. They care only to build in so much as it creates ways to extract the resources they require. They have no dissolution that anything will be maintained once they leave.

From what I've seen and heard (mostly 2nd hand accounts from people I know who have worked at NGOs in Africa) the Chinese are absolutely brutal task masters. They have perfected modern day slavery without anyone figuring out what they are doing. Questions of morality simply don't enter into the equation.

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so in other words they are going to show us how its done

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This is accurate, there was a huge bridge in China completed in like 1 week that ended up collapsing. The Chinese culture is nothing to aspire.

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They use them how they should be used. Manual labor. An unthinking people to be exploited.

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Questions of morality simply don't enter into the equation.

communist pigs have no morals

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Go to the actual web page, by cutting and pasting the URL for the banned domain from the archive page. Admire the busty women, but don't click the links, least your computer die of digital AIDS. Click on ABOUT, and discover that this is a satire site.

Be impressed by the way that voat detects the banned domain; I was naively going to link to the page until PREVIEW produced a bold red warning.

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Chinese are buying all of africa to mine rsources, negroes dont fuck with them

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The Chinese are used to working with uneducated children, they'll do fine

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No shit. Was a sub teacher at a couple black schools...none of them wanted to learn shit.

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Was it a cultural thing, or did learning make their brains hurt?

Since I'm very old I think that there are two ways to treat a slow learner. If he is stupid due to bad genes, send him to the eugenicist to be euthanized. If he is stupid due to not working, beat him until he works harder.

Since I don't understand American politics, I see this as the old "nature" versus "nurture" argument. I imagine that the Republicans are the nature party, and think black under performance is natural. Further, I imagine that the Democrats are the nurture party, and want cultural change to fix black under performance. So I've expectations. Democrats should be fixing marriage laws so that black children have fathers who beat them to make them sit quietly in school and work hard trying to learn. But actual Democrats seem to go the opposite way on all four issues (fathers, beat, quiet, work).

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I think democrats pretend to be the nurture party when in reality they expect absolutely no improvement in these groups. If you thought blacks could accomplish things with help you would give them help in order to help themselves, not hand outs. Conservatives are the opposite of racist saying stop asking for handouts when you are capable of looking after yourself

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LOL!!!! he sounds pretty red pilled to me

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He's right.

Moving the location of blacks and expecting them to become different people has been a mistake of centuries. Round peg square hole and it isn't right.

Let them go back to their natural savage ways and quarantine them. We can always allow the hungry and stupid ones to work in the miltary guarded mines, but we'll need some heavy authoritarianism to keep them focused on their work instead of killing people around them.

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If we just let nature take its path we would be golden!

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Yes well, they have made that blatantly obvious,

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At least he's honest lol

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Chinks will kill them all.

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