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Great, fewer niggers fucking up the food, and fewer angry soy-types spitting in the burgers.

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Not saying I want either handling peoples' food, but if the Niggers and Soys don't get employment somewhere, they're going after increased gibs and will have more built in resentment at the system as well as free time able to devote to Antifa/BLM political activism.

That kind of social situation could spiral into an epically bad outcome for the world.

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Or they eventually boil over and chimp out on such a massive scale that we put them down.

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This could be the straw that breaks the camel's back, thereby giving us an excellent reason to start fighting back.

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100% unemployment should be the goal. Let the robots do the work while we goof off all day. Only problem is, how do you run the economy under such a system? Eventually a robot will be built to do you job. Or it might already exist. It's only a matter of time until that robot becomes cheaper than you.

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It’s a store on Folsom Street. Just walking into it will give you six incurable STDs.

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McDonald’s near me wasn’t even wearing gloves ...... hundreds of customers served .... this is how disease is spread.

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I’d let you spit in my burger anytime. wink

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I've never received a come-on through Voat before >_>

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From start to finish, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes and costs only $6.

Stupid, sloppy writing. The process doesn't cost $6.00, the end product does. How much does the process actually cost? Does the author have words for that any more? Has the newspeak invaded his brain, so that he finds it impossible to actually conceive of the idea of a process cost separate from a menu price?

No, all that matters is that he gets a political point across. This isn't an article. It's a screed. There is no information to be had. We can't make decisions based on this. We can't inform ourselves, better our lives, or enrich our understanding of communist Californian culture. All we are supposed to do is react emotionally.

So I will. Fuck you.

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welcome to modern writing on shillhedge

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The article isn't there to discuss the economics of robotic adoption, retrofitting, base cost and profit margins. The article is there to showcase that now a robot can not fully create a burger from start to finish without requiring intermediary aid such as that robot 'flippy' which was only introduced around 2016. In other words, people who flip burgers can now fully be replaced. A 'cook' or 'chef' is ultimately going to become a novelty occupation.

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My thoughts too. Journalism is absolute crap anymore.

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Stupid sloppy writing, about what you'd expect from a filthy leftist "journalist." Their very job is nothing more than to spread their views in an authoritative manner. The lazy uninformed lap this shit up.

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Basic economics is why the minimum wage being raised to $15 was wrong.

[–] EIMR 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Minimum wage takes jobs, but I don't believe it's wrong. Nobody should work 40, or even 80 hours, and not be able to pay necessities. I am willing to sacrifice jobs, because those who work will have a decent life, and solutions to the growing number of unemployed people will be sought.

Also, subsidising McDonalds by giving their employees welfare makes no sense to me.

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Basic positive economics is why the minimum wage being raised to $15 was wrong.

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The future they wanted...

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Is not going to be the future they get.

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You realize that this is a good thing, right?

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Antifa just doubled in size.

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doubled in size

More targets.

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What did a new Krispy Kreme open up near their hq.

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So youre OK with taxing productive white people and paying niggers unearned minimum wage to bribe them to not join the Antifa?

Antifa's size only matters if you still believe in democracy. Once you lose that chidish belief, their size becomes irrelevant.

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Since most fast food has hints of soul glo or tequila now days, I'd rather welcome a robo-burger.

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That's a good name, Robo-Burger.

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To go further, why have a store, counter people, etc? They could just have machines in vending areas. But the problem is, people - at least thus far - have had a negative view of that sort of automated 'human chow'. Maybe that will change, but maybe not. They had 'automats' decades ago, and they're all gone.

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Tyler Durden is a reference to the lead character in Fight Club. It's the pseudonym for Zero Hedge's key author(s) used to hide their identities.

Did not know this.

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They are all gone now, the original tylers

I still enjoy the read

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