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From Reddit

We're not publicizing the name of the killer here. Fuck him, he can rot.

Because it's a very Jew name

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Why do they constantly publicize Hitler then?

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And every other mass shooter who has a convenient race.

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They're pretending to show solidarity or something, when in actuality, they're trying to hide the truth from being uncovered. How deceitful. The moment a liberal ceases to be deceived is when he ceases to be a liberal.

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That fucking figures.
The one time they actually do something I fully agree with is for the wrong reasons.

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Probably. Sounds like he killed himself as soon as he was confronted. If there were armed patrons that would have happened faster.

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It needs to be said, loudly, whenever something like this happens- the kind of person who does this shit is NOT the kind of person who likes to fight or wants to fight. They want cooperative victims, and the majority of shooters like this guy turn their guns on themselves or surrender as soon as they are challenged by a "good guy with a gun".

My guess is that they don't want to get into a shootout, because then they run the risk of becoming disabled by being struck in the arm or something, becoming unable to pick up their weapon, and thus be captured- the last thing these freaks want is to be held accountable. They want that rush of control and power, and then they don't want to have to take responsibility for it.

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Was this one of those cases where the GFZ sign didn't carry the weight of the law? I routinely ignore those since mass shooters do too.

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Guess the signs don't work, damn, who would've thought?

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Do you really want 10s of milions of incels with nothing to do?

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I think you dropped this: /s

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LMAO, did you catch the video clip attached to this article? It's a closeup shot of Katz during gameplay, and one of the commentators says "You will not see much emotion from him, he keeps to himself- he is not here to make friends."

No shit?

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Jews gonna jew.

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Say it MSM.. "of jewish origin".

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I often go on killing sprees after those Pac Man ghosts beat me.

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It was an NFL game tournament. It wasn't even one of those "violent" games that they say cause shootings. Maybe normies should just be banned from gaming.

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Was it really? That's fucking hilarious.

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DICE (Swedish company) just delayed the release of new Battlefield 5 footage "out of respect".

So now they are already tying this to FPS games despite it being a Madden Football tournament.

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I become livid whenever I get stuck on one of those impossible-to-finish solitaire games.

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I murder everyone in sight when I lose a Pokemon battle.

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How British of you.

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Jews are Shrodinger's whites. They're white when it helps them, and non-white when it helps them.

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Oh fuck games are a target again and a scapegoat again. Oh fuck.

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It was fucking Madden 2019 tournament. I don't think that the video game argument will come up here.

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Already has. DICE delayed releasing new footage of their FPS game Battlefield 5 because of this.

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Nonsense, Lets see the spin

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Football games

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